Two models, one upgrade: H&R sport springs for the Opel Astra Electric!

The million-seller from Rüsselsheim remains true to its concept, even if it has to share the technical basis with its corporate brother Peugeot 308. Astra and 308 are of course also available with an electric drive, which ensures proper propulsion here and there. Whichever group variant you choose, the H&R technicians definitely recommend installing their sport spring set. Meticulously coordinated with the standard dampers, the lowering of the vehicle's center of gravity not only enables more agile steering behavior, but the body roll is also noticeably reduced.

also Trak + wheel spacers

Nevertheless, the driving comfort remains at the standard level, as does the payload. Things get even sportier when H&R wheel spacers made of high-tensile aluminum are installed. These enable millimeter-precise alignment of standard and retrofit wheels on the fender edges and ensure the perfect wheelbase. All H&R products are “Made in Germany” and always have the required parts certificates. Further information can also be found on the H&R social media channels: Facebook  ➤Instagram  ➤Twitter  ➤YouTube.

H&R suspension components for Opel Astra Electric

  • Type F, hatchback, from 2023
  • Lowering springs
    - Item no .: 28590-4
    - Lowering: VA 25 / HA approx. 15 mm
    – Price (RRP): EUR 322,68 incl. 19% VAT.
  • Trak + wheel spacers
    - silver or black anodized
    - Widening: from 20 mm per axis
    – Price (RRP): from EUR 121,62 incl. 19% VAT.

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Two models, one upgrade: H&R sport springs for the Opel Astra Electric!
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