Alpina B7 (LCI/G70): Comeback with the facelift of the BMW 7 Series?

Recently the Alpine B7 set, but there may be hints of a return of the Super Limo. Alpina, known for particularly elegant and fast BMW models, has celebrated success with its business model for decades. The Buchloe-based company offered exclusive alternatives to BMW's high-performance cars, and the concept would run successfully for decades. But now a change of strategy is imminent. A new article from BMW Blog gives one presumed outlook the integration of Alpina into the BMW Group. Accordingly, the Munich car manufacturer will from January 1, 2026 take control of Alpina. But it remains to be seen what rank the performance department will occupy. But one exciting detail already seems to be leaking out: The B7 based on the brand new G70 could as Flagship sedan to return. The G11/G12 B7 As is well known, it was already discontinued at the same time as the start of production of the G70.

Is a new Alpina B7 (LCI/G70) coming?

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At that time, Alpina itself announced the end of the B7 in its factory and let it be known that it would no successor for the Performance 7 Series. But loud BMW Blog the B7 could maybe return with the facelift of the G70 in about 3-4 years, probably at the time when BMW has the say over Alpina. Maybe the new G70 B7 would be the “fastest limousine in the world“. The G11/G12 received the title with its top speed of 330 km/h. And in terms of strategy BMW reported after the takeover of Alpina BMW Blog, that the manufacturer plans to introduce a new luxury class of vehicles, with Alpina could take over the development, marketing and sales. And interestingly, the vehicles could initially not completely electric as Alpina customers continue to prefer petrol and diesel vehicles.

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