AC Automotive (AC Cars by Gullwing GmbH)

AC Cars - the British small series manufacturer in a portrait. In 1901 the Weller brothers founded the Weller company, which was the forerunner of the AC brand. This makes AC one of the UK's oldest independent car manufacturers. The brand's first model was presented at the Crystal Palace Motor Show in 1903. It was a 20 hp sedan, which was presented under the brand name Weller. However, their financier, a meat manufacturer named John Portwine, thought it was too expensive to produce this limousine, so the Weller brothers' first vehicle was a small three-wheeled delivery van. In 1911 Auto Carriers Ltd. was founded, from which today's brand name AC is derived. In addition to various small vehicles for the severely disabled, which are less suitable for car tuning, but which ensured the financial stability of the company, sports cars such as the legendary AC Cobra, which was developed by Carroll Shelby and various Ford engines with an output of up to 425, were also built PS home. Tuning fans have always loved the Cobra and in the case of the Weineck Cobra, the most powerful version in terms of tuning this vehicle, the built-in engine has an output of 1200 hp. Today the AC Cobra enjoys cult status, and hardly anyone knows that the brand still exists today, with constantly changing investors. PS: The company AC Cars by Gullwing GmbH is also mentioned occasionally. It is the successor company of AC Cars Limited from the island of Malta.