Friday July 23, 2021

Video: Crazy comic film on the Acura NSX athlete!

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Skepple Comic Foiling Acura NSX Athlete 5 Video: Crazy comic foil on the Acura NSX Athlete!

The current Acura NSX (Honda NSX) from model year 2016 onwards is no longer visually related to its predecessor from the 90s (1990–2005), but the lines are as elegant and not exaggerated at any corner as we find . For some people, the optics are probably a bit too staid, so tuners like Liberty Walk, AIMGAIN & Co.. with sometimes brutal body kits try to attract more attention. And the owner of this specimen also wanted more attention. He got his 2017 NSX into a crazy foliation from the professionals at Skepple (Skepple Wraphic Design Studio) wrapped. You can see countless cartoon characters from the 90s to the early 2000s. Whether Simpsons, Chipmunks, The Monkeys, Ducktails, Furby, Sonic The Hedgehog, Mario & Luigi or even the gummy bear gang are integrated into the design. In addition, the NSX has installed a two-tone wheel set, there was a subtle lowering and a carbon body kit with fixed rear wing from APR is also included.


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Crazy comic film on the Acura NSX athlete!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Video: Crazy comic foiling the Acura NSX athlete!

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