Alpha Motor Corporation (AMC)

Alpha Motor Corporation (AMC) is a start-up based in Irvine, California, USA. And they presented (as of 2021) with the Alpha Ace and the Jax CUV, two fully electric vehicles. At the time of the presentation, however, both cars had not yet been implemented and could only be seen as virtual renderings. The technical details and the planned way of implementation were very specific. And that is partly due to the fact that, according to their own statement, experts from the automotive, IT and financial sectors with over 100 years of experience are employed in the company and thus bring a lot of experience to bear. According to its own statement, the company's stated mission is "accelerating innovation for humankind, an initiative for responsible development and the design and manufacture of consumer-friendly electric vehicles". The name Alpha stands for the company's clear vision to lead into a better future through innovations. So it will be interesting to see what else we can expect from AMC.