Alpine - the French rally legends. The Alpine brand was founded in the year 1954 by Jean Rédélé, a workshop owner and tuner, who was successful with various Renault models in motorsport. Above all, however, the self-development of the still young car brand in the 1970er years were extremely successful in rallying. The legendary Alpine A 110 scored several rally victories and even managed to clinch a world championship title, and the rivals of Ford, Audi and spear to leave behind. During the oil crisis in the year 1973 production dropped to a low point and the company finally became the same year Renault accepted. In the 80er years, the Alpine A 310 was then presented as the successor to the legendary A 110, which, however, could no longer build on the successes of its predecessor. With the A 610, which was built from 1985 and ran in the early years as Alpine GTA from tape, ended in the year 1995 the first era of the brand. In the year 2017, the Geneva Motor Show finally celebrated the rebirth of the brand, which has now launched the second generation of the A 110. Vehicle tuning has always been a top priority at Alpine, and the theme of tuning for the new Alpine too has been already arrived.

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