AMC (American Motors Corporation)

AMC - the failed visionaries from the USA. When the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation merged with the Hudson Motor Car Company in 1954, a new company emerged, American Motors Corporation, AMC for short. AMC tried with smaller models like the Pacer and the Gremlin against the "Big Three" of Ford, GM and Chrysler To score, but also built muscle cars such as the Marlin, AMX or Javelin. Also, the first four-wheel drive SUV on the American market, the Eagle, was a product of AMC. The brand tried to specifically occupy the niches, which were neglected by the big companies criminally, and failed terrific. This was also helped by the unusual design of the Pacer and Gremlin models, which were quickly described as loser cars. In the year 1979 the brand was taken over by Chrysler, before finally disappearing from the market 1987. In terms of tuning, the Javelin and the rarer AMX are sought-after cult objects in the US car scene, while the Pacer and Gremlin models are completely unpopular with regard to vehicle tuning, which is also related to their quirky form.