Tuesday July 27, 2021

Apex Motors

The British-Chinese start-up company Apex Motors has nothing to do with the Apex Motor Corporation (brand name ACE) from the USA. The American automobile manufacturer was on the market for a short time in the early 1920s and was founded by FE Earnest as Apex Motor Car Company. The company Apex Motors, as a car company based in China and Great Britain, is from the present day and was founded by the brothers Jason and Gary Leung from Hong Kong / Australia. One of the first vehicles was the Elemental RP-1 and in 2019 the limited AP-1 followed as an open athlete Ford 2,3 liter 400 hp engine. In March 2020, Apex Motors then introduced the Apex AP-0 electric sports car concept, which is to be built in England from 2022. Apex wants to combine artistry, expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology and is proud to bring real Formula 1 racing car technology, vehicle dynamics and systems to the road in the form of advanced composite technology and vehicle design.