Video: Capristo sports exhaust system on the Audi RS Q8 SUV!

Capristo sports exhaust system on the Audi RS Q8 SUV

This Audi RS Q8 model year 2021 has a Stage 1 chip tuning received and a Capristo exhaust system. The Audi RS Q8 is the most powerful SUV that Audi has ever built and one of the fastest on the market. He even set the class record at the legendary Nürburgring. But if the 600 PS ex works are not enough for you, you should watch the video from NM2255HD watch on YouTube. There the RS Q8 is shown with level 1 chip tuning and there was also a high-performance exhaust from Capristo without the sound killer OPF (Petrol particle filter). The vehicle was converted by BRS Motorsport based near Milan. The result are 700 PS (so 50 hp more than the Lamborghini Urus), which can be heard acoustically immediately thanks to the Capristo exhaust system mentioned without a particle filter. Also the Soft limiter is removed.


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