Six-speed manual transmission & 1.500 hp in the Audi R8!

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Six-speed manual transmission BiTurbo tuning Audi R8 3

The second generation R8 (4S model) is apparently the last sports car with a conventional combustion engine from Audi. In 2021, the Ingolstadt company officially confirmed that the successor to the R8 all-electric will be. And of course the Stromer will only go with you Automatic to be available Incidentally, that was also the case with the second generation of the R8. That was only with the 7-speed S tronic and never as a manual switch. In complete contrast to its predecessor, the Type 42, which as a 4.2 FSI quattro also comes with 6-speed manual transmission was offered. And also one sequential 6-speed manual gearbox was available in the first generation. But now the manual transmission is also moving into the 4S. Not from Audi, but with the help of the tuner Underground racing from Charlotte (North Carolina/USA). They don't just have the vehicle from the pictures (2020 Audi R8) with one of their own BiTurbo kits on 1.500 HP engine power equipped, but also one manual gearshift installed. Specifically it is a Six-speed manual.

with six-speed manual transmission conversion kit

Shift lever with open shift gate is even integrated into the interior in such a way that you might think it was always there. As far as we know, the gearbox probably comes from a R8 model year 2012. In connection with the 1.500 hp mentioned, the gearbox has of course not remained standard. There were quite a few individual ones components for reinforcement so that the vehicle functions reliably over the long term. Unfortunately, the installation of the six-speed circuit is also none individual option on the part of Underground Racing, but only in combination with one of yours BiTurbo kits accessible. And that costs $49.000 to $175.000. And then there's the six-speed manual gearbox will not once there. If we receive timely information about further changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Six-speed manual transmission BiTurbo tuning Audi R8 4

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Six-speed manual transmission & 1.500 hp in the Audi R8!
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