Video: RTR Mustang sweat against Audi RS3!

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RTR Mustang Audi RS3 Drag Race 1

It seems like Ken Block has finally found a worthy drag race opponent. Because he loses a race against an 8-second Audi RS3. So far there has apparently been no competition for the 1.400 hp Hoonicorn Ford Mustang RTR, which by the way a McLaren Senna and one 1.200 hp Mazda RX7 failed in a drag race. But this RS3 is apparently a different league. It is an “almost” equally tuned vehicle that in an episode of “Hoonicorn vs. the World ”has to show what it can do. Both cars are equipped with all-wheel drive and both weigh about 1.360 kg curb weight. While the Mustang uses a V8 with two turbochargers, the German-built RS3 uses a five-cylinder in-line engine with a huge ball-bearing turbo charger (72 mm).

1.400 PS in the Mustang vs. 1.100 PS in the RS3

RTR Mustang Audi RS3 Drag Race 2

The Ford makes 1.400 hp and the RS3 has 1.100 hp under the inconspicuous hood. Ken Block uses a sequential six-speed gearbox, while Hank from Iroz Motorsport has a seven-speed dual-clutch DQ500 available in the RS3. However, one should keep in mind that the Audi is a specially built drag car that can drive the 402 meters in just 8 seconds! The Mustang is actually not designed for this. In the current video, both vehicles have the finish line in front of them at a distance of 457 meters. Ken Block has a better start in the first run and wins, while the Audi is damn fast and wins in the second. But who will win the third and final run? Watch the video!


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