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Temperature painting on an Audi A4 from DYC!

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Temperature painting thermochromatic color change tuning 10 Temperature painting on an Audi A4 from DYC!

In addition to the well-known methods of an individual look using complete repainting, foiling or spray foiling, there are also other options. Fonzie from DipYourCar shows how to use a temperature paint is applied to an Audi A4 and looks like. Of course, this is not for everyone, but that applies to tuning in general. But even if the result is perhaps rather questionable, the way behind the technology of the painting is quite interesting in our opinion. The paint has namely thermotropic liquid crystals, which depending on the temperature different colors generated. The thermochromic paint changes from a colored and opaque state when it is cold, to a transparent and colorless state when the temperature rises. And the system is reversible.

Temperature painting

Temperature painting thermochromatic color change tuning 2 Temperature painting on an Audi A4 from DYC!

That means that the paint is back opaque and coloured will when the temperature falls off. The phenomenon can repeat itself indefinitely. Just remember that the thermochromic varnish is the sun can not be should be exposed for a long time so as not to overheat. Because the paint is sensitive to UV and heat in order to function. Shines on the sun long and to heiß on the vehicle, and the paint overheats, the color may no longer change, or at least various "malfunctions" may occur. By the way, such a lacquer can be applied in thick layers by means of "anti-UV repainting" protected will. Nevertheless, it is actually intended for permanent use NOT designed for vehicles. The special variant of DYC is, in contrast to most heat-sensitive coatings with thermochromic pigments, much more sensitive and creates a larger color range.

Temperature painting thermochromatic color change tuning 13 Temperature painting on an Audi A4 from DYC!

After a plastidip primer was applied, the team sprayed eight layers the special color to achieve the desired effect. And from the moment the vehicle left the paint booth, the car began to transform. The finish resembles a pseudo thermal camera effect and changes instantly when you interact with it. Yet, as cool as the end result is, Fonzie mentions in the video that it was just a test to see what was possible. For long-term use, as already mentioned, additional layers are required as a sealant to protect the finish from wear.

Temperature painting thermochromatic color change tuning 32 Temperature painting on an Audi A4 from DYC!

In summary - what is thermochromatic paint?

  • Thermochromatic lacquer was developed to give surfaces a changing appearance
  • The color of the paint changes approx. From a temperature of 26 ° -29 ° (The paint becomes transparent, the underlying surface becomes visible)
  • originally used for safety devices
  • suitable for designing objects, design elements, switches, tables, cars, individual components
  • for surfaces of objects that heat up easily and often, such as a cup, a coffee machine, a humidifier, etc.
  • thermochromatic paint is relatively easy to use
  • There are different variants (solvent-based heat-sensitive paint for use on larger surfaces or non-solvent-based / water-based paint for airbrush or brush)
  • iridescent effect, which changes color with temperature, depends on the coated material (how fast can the material heat up)
  • many available colors such as red, blue and black are available (they sometimes change differently: red at: 26 ° - 31 ° C; Blue at: 24 ° - 30 ° C; Black at: 26 ° - 29 ° C etc.)
  • Color change is reversible when the temperature lowered shall
  • Indoor use of the thermochromatic paint is recommended

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Temperature painting thermochromatic color change tuning 3 Temperature painting on an Audi A4 from DYC!

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