Video: Audi RS4 Avant (B9) vs. BMW M340i Touring (G20)

Can the significantly more powerful Audi RS4 Avant (B9 / 450 PS) hold its own against the BMW M340i Touring (G20 / 374 PS)? The following drag race provides the result. Was it really worth waiting almost two years for an “M-Performance Touring”? BMW normally brings the powerful M models onto the market around a year after the introduction of the “normal” vehicles. But here, for whatever reason, it took almost two years Alpine B3 could safely use for themselves. But now the M340i is trying to close the gap. It is the perfect blend of performance and comfort and is also affordable, especially when compared to the G80 M3. And if you do a chip tuning dares, yes then the M3 and also the RS4 are definitely within reach!

M340i vs. RS4 B9 Avant

But even without an increase in performance, the M340i is definitely a really fast car. And the guys from CarWow prove that to us with an opponent who actually does not play in the league of the M340i. The Audi RS4 B9 Avant is definitely one floor above. The rival would actually be the new M3 - best as a touring. But since the G80 generation is not yet available, the M Performance model had to serve. Why the YouTubers did not use the 354 PS & 500 NM (VorFacelift / VW EA839) strong S4, if necessary also as a lifted variant with 347 PS & 700 NM (Facelift / VW EA897 evo2) diesel power, is a mystery to us.


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