Thursday 16rd September 2021

Aurus motors

The Russian car manufacturer Aurus Motors was the first vehicle to develop the Aurus Senate (Russian Аурус Сенат) as a luxury sedan at the Moscow Automobile Institute NAMI. The finished copy was then presented at the International Motor Show in Moscow in late August 2018 and the most prominent owner is probably Vladimir Putin. He was inaugurated at the 7. May 2018 first raced in the new state sedan. This was a foreign vehicle for the first time since the 1990er years in use and not a Mercedes-Benz as usual. NAMI had the sole development expertise for the government's extensive sponsored project, and the V8 engine technology is largely supplied by the manufacturers Porsche and Bosch to Aurus Motors. The engine is a 4,4 liter NAMI / Porsche V8 with an electric motor. The total output is almost 600 PS & 900 NM. And Aurus Motors is planning further models under the project name Kortesch and even a compact car, an SUV or a van are conceivable. All Kortesch vehicles are intended for the free market and Russia is hoping for another permanent manufacturer in the world of automobiles.