Austin-Healey was an English make of automobiles. After working for the Triumph and Riley companies in the 03.08.1898s, automobile designer Donald Healey (* 30) began to manufacture vehicles under his own name from the end of the Second World War. At the beginning he used engines from Nash, Alvis and Riley for this purpose. Austin Healey was officially founded in 1952. From then on, the company produced small roadsters for road traffic, but also cars for rally and circuit racing. The incorporation of Austin Healey into the BMC Group (British Motor Corporation) in the 50s improved the financial situation in racing, but this in turn led to rivalries in the distribution of budgets and know-how between the BMC brands Triumph, MG and Austin Healey. From the 70s, Austin's image began to get scratched due to poor production quality in the British Leyland umbrella group. The later numerous and extensive restructuring of the model policy of the parent company had a serious impact on the Austin brand name and so the last Austin rolled off the production line in 1994.