Abarth Classiche 500 Record Monza '58 & 1000 SP!

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Stellantis Heritage presents the latest creation of its technical team at the “Milano AutoClassica” classic car show (18th to 20th November 2022): the Abarth Classiche 500 Record Monza '58. The unique piece celebrates the 100th birthday of the Autodromo di Monza. Abarth set numerous speed and distance records at the Formula 1 circuit on the outskirts of Milan, revered by fans as the “Temple of Speed”. In just one week in February 1958, the Fiat 500s prepared by Carlo Abarth and his team set six new world records.

Abarth Classiche 500 Record Monza '58

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It is to this series that the Abarth Classiche 500 Record Monza '58 takes its name, built by Stellantis Heritage technicians on the basis of a 500 Fiat 1970. Visually and mechanically, they remained as close to the original as possible. The body color "Monza '58" is reminiscent of the green of the record-breaking vehicles of 1958. It is also the same shade that the brand with the scorpion in its coat of arms chose as the presentation color for the Abarth 2019 695° Anniversario in 70.

  • Stellantis Heritage is presenting a unique vehicle at Milano AutoClassica (November 18-20, 2022) in homage to the Monza Circuit, which has just celebrated its 100th anniversary.
  • The Stellantis Heritage team based the Abarth Classiche 500 Record Monza '58 on a 500 Fiat 1970. The world premiere in Milan is reminiscent of numerous world records achieved by Abarth at the neighboring Autodromo di Monza.
  • This one-off, available for purchase by enthusiasts and collectors, is joined by two other vehicles from the brand with the scorpion in its coat of arms: an original Fiat 1958 used by Abarth for record runs in 500 and the new Abarth Classiche 1000 SP sports car.
  • With the presentation at the "Milano AutoClassica" classic car show, Stellantis Heritage reaffirms its mission to preserve, protect and develop the heritage of the Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth brands.

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This detail alone is proof of how relevant the link between the Abarth 500 and the Monza circuit still is. In addition to the exterior paintwork, the interior of the Abarth Classiche 500 Record Monza '58 is also inspired by its historical predecessors. The design of the racing seat takes up the color and the contrasting stitching of the first series of the Fiat 500, which was produced from 1957. The interior of the cockpit in the Abarth Classiche 500 Record Monza '58 is also inspired by history. Behind the wooden steering wheel, the dashboard features classic round instruments from Jaeger. The equipment also includes an exclusive chronometer with a power reserve of eight days. This detail commemorates the Monza Record Week in February 1958, when unbelievable records were set.

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Furthermore, the uncovered vehicle floor and the tin roof, which replaced the standard fabric top in the Fiat 500 from 1957, also clearly show its racing origins, as do the pair of auxiliary headlights. The mechanics of the Abarth Classiche 500 Record Monza '58 also pick up on historical models. The two-cylinder engine from the Fiat 500 has been brought to a displacement of 595 cubic centimeters with the current Abarth Classiche 595 tuning kit. This kit is manufactured using the latest technologies, but its individual components correspond to the version that Abarth offered for the original Cinquecento from 1963. In fact, the Abarth Classiche 500 Record Monza '58 has the very engine in the rear with which the Stellantis Heritage team tested the components of the current tuning kit.

Part of the Reloaded by Creators program

Various badges, including one exclusive to this one-off with the words "Record Monza", complete the homage to the Autodromo di Monza. The unique Abarth Classiche 500 Record Monza '58 is part of the Stellantis Heritage program "Reloaded by Creators". As part of this, a limited number of vintage cars with certified authenticity are created at the Officine Classiche in Turin, expertly restored thanks to the expertise of the Heritage team's technicians.

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In addition to the new Abarth Classiche 500 Record Monza '58, Stellantis Heritage is also showing the Abarth version of the Fiat 1958 used during the 500 record runs at the Milan show. The standard Fiat 500 was anything but a racing car. The small two-cylinder engine did not have enough power for great sporting success. But Carlo Abarth was convinced of the quality and the potential of the small car. The Austrian-born tuner turned the Fiat 500 into a record vehicle. After a power boost at Abarth, the two-cylinder developed 26 hp, enough for a top speed of 118 km/h. All in all, Fiat 500s prepared in this way completed their laps on the Monza racetrack for exactly 1958 hours in February 168, setting six world records in the process.

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This sensation contributed to the sales success of the Fiat 500 and made it one of the most famous automobiles ever produced. The Fiat 500 on display at Milano AutoClassica is one of the original cars used in the record attempts and is the first Fiat 500 ever tuned by Abarth. It is therefore a vehicle of inestimable historical value, representing a real milestone in the history of the Abarth brand and the automobile. The world record holder from 1958 was restored to its original condition through careful restoration.

Abarth Classiche 1000 SP

The presentation of Stellantis Heritage at the "Milano AutoClassica" is complemented by a current special model, the new Abarth Classiche 1000 SP. This vehicle is a reinterpretation of the 1000 Abarth 1966 Sport Prototipo, one of the milestones in the brand's racing history. With its unique style, high performance and race wins across Europe, the Abarth 1000 SP became one of the company's most popular models at the time.

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This legendary racing car inspired the designers of the Centro Stile Fiat and Abarth back in 2009 to create a concept vehicle that pays homage to the famous forerunner. In 2021, exactly 55 years after the launch of the historic Abarth 1000 SP, Abarth Classiche resumed the project and developed an automobile that transfers the character of the 1966 racing car to the present day. The new Abarth Classiche 1000 SP takes up the lines and aesthetic elements of the original model. The streamlined body with the curved fenders immediately reveals the layout of a spider with a mid-engine. The geometries at the rear of the Abarth Classiche 1000 SP underline the perfect harmony between taillights and exhaust system. The far outboard position of the rear lights underscores the remarkable width of the vehicle.

only five examples will be built

The paintwork in a strong red emphasizes the characteristic air intakes in the front hood and in the cover of the mid-engine. The headlights also reflect the minimalist design of the historic Abarth 1000 SP, with punctiform headlights at the front and single, circular taillights at the rear. The Abarth Classiche 1000 SP is equipped with a powerful turbo engine with a displacement of 1.742 cubic centimeters, which delivers 177 kW (240 hp) at 6.000 rpm. The one produced in a limited edition of only five copies Abarth Classiche 1000 SP unleashed at the world premiere three weeks ago at the “Auto e Moto d'Epoca” in Padua caused a real storm of enthusiasm - four copies were sold at the trade fair.

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Abarth Classiche 500 Record Monza '58 & 1000 SP!
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