Abarth 595 Series 4 as "HERCULES" from Pogea Racing!

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Abarth 595 Series 4 HERCULES Pogea Racing 2

One thing connects all automobile owners who find their way to POGEA RACING. Regardless of whether you are a super sports car driver or a small car. Anyone who goes to the Friedrichshafen tuning company with their vehicle is looking for individuality and emotionality. He wants to unleash slowed-down engine power and add corners and edges to the bodywork that have fallen victim to the taste of the mainstream in the standard equipment. Disciplines that are very well understood in the southern German specialist manufacture. The latest example of this is the extensive tuning program HERCULES for Fiat Abarth 595. Whether body modifications, sports suspensions, personalized forged wheels, powerful performance enhancements or powerful exhaust systems - all POGEA developments are designed to manifest the passion for one's own automobile.

Individuality at first sight

Abarth 595 Series 4 HERCULES Pogea Racing 4

The athletic one Wide body kit HERCULES differs significantly from the usual series look. The automotive refiner succeeds in doing this through numerous modifications: He adds extensions on the front and rear fenders, swap them sill against Own creations and installed new sidewalls as well as degrees for Rear and front aprons. Additional optional air intakes for the bonnet complete the aerodynamics program. All these body components are made exclusively from the ultra-light material Carbon manufactured. The customer has the choice between paint-ready Default-/ or noble carbon fiber. In addition to the exposed carbon fabrics in standard twill twill, the customer can also choose between individual Tissues, as "Forged carbon","honeycomb"And"Camouflage“Decide. If a twill fabric is selected, the symmetry of the fiber structure can be perfectly preserved when covering the tools and thus used as a design element.

Unbridled power development thanks to our own dynamometer

Abarth 595 Series 4 HERCULES Pogea Racing 9

But the small car that has grown into the HERCULES doesn't just look powerful. Upon request, the southern German tuning professionals can release the Abarth 595 from its factory-throttled 165 hp or 180 hp and increase engine performance gradually up to 220 PS. POGEA replaces series components with a flap-controlled MONSTER exhaust system and installed a 200 cell downpipe optionally with Thermal integral insulation. This insulation significantly reduces the temperature in the engine compartment and is in combination with that on the roller dynamometer programmed engine management largely responsible for the full increase in performance. With a torque of limited 350 Nm at 3600 rpm the Italian, powered by the 1.4 T-Jet, is now sprinting in 6,2 seconds null on hundert and puts a satisfied smile on the face of the pilot and passengers.

Six rim designs are available

The recommended ones are individually tailored to the wider body and the increased engine power Chassis and wheel-tire combinations: The POGEA Label V1 coilover kit by KW consists of four infinitely height-adjustable sport dampers in a unit with four progressively wound sport springs. This allows the vehicle's center of gravity to be increased by up to 45 millimeters lower compared to the series and thus specifically support the sporty driving qualities of the Abarth. The perfect wheel / tire combination is ultra-light forged wheels in the dimension 8,0 x 18 "with the tire size size 215 / 35 ZR18 by the cooperation partner Michelin used. You can choose from rims in the designs "BLADE", "ORBI5", "EDISON", "QM", "XCUT", and "WILHELM". If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Abarth 595 Series 4 HERCULES Pogea Racing 3

Photos: Pogea Racing GmbH

Abarth 595 Series 4 as "HERCULES" key facts:

  • Vehicle:
    POGEA RACING HERCULES based on Fiat Abarth 595
  • Bikes:
    Aluminum monoblock forged wheel
    Painted in the color of your choice
    VA / HA 8,0 x 18 "
  • Body components:
    All body components optionally in standard carbon or
    Carbon fiber (twill, forged carbon, honeycomb, camouflage)
    Widening front / rear
    Sill extensions
    Side walls including tank cap
    Closure for rear apron / front apron
    Air inlets for bonnet
  • Tyres:
    VA / HA 215/35 ZR18
  • Landing gear:
    Coilover kit POGEA LABEL V1 by KW
  • Performance improvements:
    STAGE1, 1K, 1Plus,
    220 HP / 162 kW at 5900 rpm - 350 Nm at 3600 rpm - limited
  • Approval:
    Expert opinion after 19.3
    EEC operating permit
  • Technique:
    200CPI Euro 6 downpipe, thermointegral insulated with EEC approval.
    Flap-controlled, MONSTERexhaust stainless steel exhaust system
    STAGE 2 engine management
  • Performance:
    0-100 km / h 6,2 sec
    100-200 km / h 18,9 sec
    V / max 232 km / h
  • Price without base vehicle:
    from 18.810 euros, including VAT

Abarth 595 Series 4 HERCULES Pogea Racing 8

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Abarth 595 Series 4 as "HERCULES" from Pogea Racing!

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