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Summer fit - Abarth Fiat 500 with sun protection from SOLARPLEXIUS

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Yesterday the thermometer scratched the 25 ° C mark for the first time and we can now slowly but surely look forward to the upcoming summer. Tomorrow (21.04.2018) will start Screwdriver 2018 (Brand Open) and we really want to be there. Our vehicle for the tuning meeting is a Abarth Fiat 500which should be "unmistakable". At the beginning of the week we found out on a long drive that the sun was causing the temperatures in our 500 to skyrocket. What an air conditioning system still has under control while driving would certainly be more noticeable at the end of tomorrow. All day in the blazing sun - we would have to assume that the heat in the interior will probably reach a peak value of well over 40 degrees. And that with a white vehicle!

Opel Corsa OPC Solar Plexis Sunscreen Review Experiments Tuning 15 Summer Fit Abarth Fiat 500 with Solar Protection by SOLARPLEXIUS

Reason enough to quickly install a lens tint that brings practical benefits as well as an improved look. We have already used the Solarplexius system several times reported about it. Especially when speed counts and it should “go quickly”, as in our case, absolutely nothing else is possible. The perfect alternative to window film, which you will definitely not grow gray when you use it. Air bubbles, creases, dust inclusions? Doesn't exist ... As we already know the system and its advantages, we decided again in favor of the product and against the classic window film. The interior view in particular shows that the Solarplexius system is the optimal alternative for a three-door model like our Fiat 500. In the case of a vehicle whose rear window can be opened, however, the concerns of some users are quite understandable. With our vehicle, however, this is not an issue. So here you can see the installation and the result in a small gallery. Is that not enough for you yet? Then check out the tutorial for ours Audi A3 or Corsa D on, both are a little more extensive.

The installation is self-explanatory. First you should carefully clean all windows on your vehicle. Then you can start. It is best to wipe the protective film on the Solarplexius disks with a slightly damp cloth and then remove them. So it does not charge itself statically. If you use the supplied gloves, you can avoid fingerprints or grease stains. In order to attach the windows, you may have to bend them slightly so that you can slide them behind the vehicle trim. Don't worry, nothing can happen!

WhatsApp Image 2018 04 19 at 17.42.13 summerfit Abarth Fiat 500 with solar protection by SOLARPLEXIUS

The panes can be bent without breaking. What is particularly practical about this is that the expansion of vehicle equipment is never necessary. Finally pull the protective film from the adhesive strips of the supplied plastic strips and then slide their flat part between the pane and the paneling. The thicker part of the bar should lie on the panel. Finished…

the result - perfect again

cb no thumbnail Abarth Fiat 500 summer fit with sun protection from SOLARPLEXIUS

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These are the details:

  • quick and easy installation and removal
  • keeps out sunlight
  • lowers the burglary risk considerably
  • more safety when driving in the dark (you are not blinded by the headlights in the rearview mirror)
  • Rear view does not deteriorate
  • optical enhancement
  • absorbs 90% of sunlight
  • Vehicle heats up much slower
  • With TÜV and ABG no demonstration required
  • Solar plexus panes are only available in one color, which is deep black from the outside (it is no longer possible to look inside the vehicle,
    from the inside dark brown for a good look similar to the effect of sunglasses)
  • Production of the solar plexius disks takes place in Sweden instead of (Delivery may therefore take 2-3 days)

Solarplexius Sunscreen Logo Summerfit Abarth Fiat 500 with Sunscreen by SOLARPLEXIUS

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