AC Schnitzer ACS3 Sport CLS (1995): BMW E36 M3!

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AC Schnitzer ACS3 Sport CLS 1995 BMW E36 M3 15

Photos by Contempo Concept

ACS3 Sport CLS from the BMW tuner AC Schnitzer is like a kind of spiritual ancestor of M3 CSL. Now one of these rare lightweight M3-based sports cars is for sale. In terms of sportiness, the E36 M3 was always a bit in the shadow of its predecessor, the E30. However, that shouldn't prevent AC Schnitzer from working with the ACS3 Sport CLS to bring a vehicle to the racetrack. More power, less weight and cockpit parts from the touring car characterize the thoroughbred racetrack animal. The seventh copy is currently for sale at Contempo Concept in Hong Kong. If you want to call it your own, you have to dig deeper into your pocket than for an M3 CSL. There is the finest for it Lightweight tuning and more power.

Carbon and Kevlar make it easier

AC Schnitzer ACS3 Sport CLS 1995 BMW E36 M3 6

But let's get to the interior first. Radical lightweight construction ensures one here Weight saving of 160 kilograms and thus the empty weight is only 1,3 tons. The front seats were made ultra-light Racing seats exchanged that Back seat completely removed and by a third, placed in the middle Racing shell replaced. parcel shelf and Pass-through consist of one Kevlar carbon fabric, Also the door panels, the center console and the footrests consist of the material. Even the Car Jack was replaced by a lighter one. Other sports car elements are the small one Steering wheel, pedals and shift knob made of aluminum as well as one Stack instrument unit, straight from the M3 touring car. And outside? It's just as spectacular there.

320 PS with classic tuning

AC Schnitzer ACS3 Sport CLS 1995 BMW E36 M3 11

For on the part of Schnitzer, a “racing touring car for the road” was the goal it set itself for the ACS3 Sport CLS. The cabin shows that this is not just a marketing phrase Technology and optics. For example that adjustable coilover suspension with adjustable stabilizers and harder bushings. The AC Schnitzer Type 1 racing rims in 9 and 10 × 18 inches be of Sports brakes braked with perforated discs. With bonnet, Fenders, front apron, rear apron and Spoiler made of kevlar carbon fabric the weight of the body is significantly reduced. There are also Cw-optimized side mirror, roof spoiler and an filler cap with quick release. The engine, a Three-liter straight-six got an upgrade from 289 to 320 hp, the torque increased from 320 to 340 Nm. The increase in performance results from sharp camsto Kevlar carbon intake, Headersto Sports exhaust system and finally one revised software. This is how it works with the rear-wheel drive car within 5,5 seconds to 100 km / h and only at 276 km/h is over.

The price? As extreme as the car

Only 14 copies of the ACS3 Sport CSL should exist worldwide. The copy with chassis number seven was built in 1995 and has approx. 48.300 kilometers on the clock. For converted 126.648 Euros the AC Schnitzer M3 changes hands. A lot of money when you consider the original price of 75.670 euros at the time. At that time, a base M3 only cost half and itself M3 CSL in top condition does not (yet) exceed the 100.000 euro mark. A visit to the dealer website is definitely worth it, even if only for a dream. PS: The following video shows an AC Schnitzer BMW E36 M3 CLSII in the elegant Estoril blue.

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