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Acura TLX Type S: A 360 HP bullet for dynamics!

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Acura TLX Type S Tuning 2020 11 Acura TLX Type S: A 360 HP bullet for dynamics!

The new Acura TLX was presented in the basic version in May, but at that time it was not yet known how much power the Type S would generate, which towers over the base as the top model. Acura is known for sporty models, which BMW and Audi see as direct competition, and sees itself as a sports brand that is not afraid of any competition. The upscale subsidiary of Honda, which has been making circles in the USA and other countries since 1989, has already proven with various models, such as the Acura Integra Type R, that it is on the list of the most popular tuning models in the JDM scene can create. Nowadays there is of course no two-door model on this side of the super sports car NSX more, because it is becoming more and more difficult to bring two-door models to men and women.

Inconspicuous and stylish design.

Acura TLX Type S Tuning 2020 2 Acura TLX Type S: A 360 HP bullet for dynamics!

The design of the new sports sedan from the Japanese brand is very classic and hardly differs from its predecessor at the front. This is very good to ensure the value of the predecessor, which is currently still on the market, and not to scare off the hard-boiled Acura fans, who appreciate the design of the luxury subsidiary of Honda. Even if the front design is based a little on the brand's Precision Concept, which caused a sensation at past auto shows, the new Acura TLX remains very classic and has the usual strong character, so that it does not scare any Acura fans by playing any design gimmicks installs which are unnecessary. At the rear there are arched taillights, which are somewhat reminiscent of the Alfa Romeo Giulia and ideally fit a sports sedan of this caliber. Thus the new Acura TLX can shine with a coherent design and very sporty lines, which will certainly help it to get a certain share of the cake in the segment of sports sedans.

The interior will be sporty!

Acura TLX Type S Tuning 2020 9 Acura TLX Type S: A 360 HP bullet for dynamics!

The interior is very sporty, but unlike many new models, there is no really large monitor to operate the infotainment system. The automatic system with pushbuttons in the center console is very advanced, but the infotainment system's 10-inch (approx. 25 cm) monitor is clearly too small for today's standards. Competitors like Tesla offer significantly more in this case, and while the Acura TLX Type S isn't an electric car, it would be appropriate for it to have a larger screen.

The engine is beyond reproach.

Acura TLX Type S Tuning 2020 1 Acura TLX Type S: A 360 HP bullet for dynamics!

A 3-liter turbo V6 petrol engine is used as the drive source, which puts a hefty 360 hp and 480 Newton meters of maximum torque on the drive shaft. The power is transmitted via a ten-speed automatic system, and all wheels are driven by the brand's new SH-AWD, an all-wheel drive system. The sprint from zero to 100 should be done in under five seconds, and the top speed is electronically limited to a little over 200 km / h. For European standards 210 km / h would be very little, but in the USA, Acura's main sales market, you can't hit the gas so quickly anyway, as there are draconian penalties for exceeding the applicable limit Speed ​​limits gives. Thus the 210 km / h of the current model of the Acura TLX would be enough to be on the road in the States.

Who will buy an Acura TLX Type S?

In the USA, where the Acura TLX Type S is mainly sold, it competes primarily with BMW for the favor of young men who are car-savvy and want to buy a cool sports sedan. It is well known that SUVs are not really popular with young, car-crazy men because they were designed for older people, which is why everything takes place in the sports sedan segment. If you have also fallen in love with the new sports sedan, we have a picture gallery ready for you at the end of the post. If we receive more information in a timely manner, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

(Photos: Acura)

Acura TLX Type S Tuning 2020 8 Acura TLX Type S: A 360 HP bullet for dynamics!

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Acura TLX Type S: A 360 HP bullet for dynamics!

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