Current BMW M3 and M4 now available with Supersprint sport exhaust

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It is certainly not easy for Supersprint to sell a sports exhaust system for a BMW against companies like Eisenmann or Akrapovic. We think wrongly. The current video presents us with the latest sports exhaust systems from Supersprint for the F80 and F82 M3 M4. The market for the sports exhaust system is definitely there, because almost every M driver complains about the sound of the current models.

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The S55 engine can now finally be heard. The complete system includes new catless downpipes with 2 × 100 racing metal catalysts. An H-pipe and a bypass valve complete the whole. The tailpipes are each 90mm and chrome-plated. Supersprint promises up to 10HP more. The sound from the video sounds very good, almost the loudest I've heard on the M4 so far. How excited you are after 6 hours of driving on the motorway remains to be seen.


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