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2022 BMW Alpina D4 S Gran Coupé with 365 hp!

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2022 BMW Alpina D4 S Gran Coupé with 365 hp!

With the BMW ALPINA D4 S, the automobile manufacturer ALPINA has created a unique automotive range for sporty frequent drivers who are looking for that special Gran Turismo driving experience. As a high-performance diesel variant with a 3,0 liter in-line six-cylinder engine and BMW mild hybrid technology, the Gran Coupé offers a driving experience characterized by high performance and torque, automotive aesthetics and exclusive ALPINA driving comfort.

Alpina D4 S Gran Coupe

  • POWER AND TORQUE: The high, maximum torque of 730 Nm goes hand in hand with an always emphatic power delivery that peaks at 261 kW (355 hp). The BMW mild hybrid technology contributes to increasing the efficiency of the high-performance drive, so that long ranges and pronounced dynamics are not contradictory.
  • PERFORMANCE VALUES: The high performance and power reserves, in combination with the excellently tuned 8-speed sports automatic transmission, enable a top speed of 270 km/h. The sprint to 100 km/h takes 4,8 seconds.
  • DRIVING CULTURE: The ALPINA sports suspension offers driving dynamics at a high level and comfort for relaxed travel. Far-reaching adjustments to the chassis technology, which extend to the ALPINA-specific ultra-high-performance tires, ensure the superior driving experience that characterizes BMW ALPINA automobiles.
  • DESIGN: The ALPINA aerodynamic components give the BMW ALPINA D4 S Gran Coupé an independent, expressive appearance. The ALPINA CLASSIC 20" forged wheels in the brand-typical 20-spoke wheel design pick up on the striking contours of the body.
  • DOMESTIC EQUIPMENTS: The range of standard equipment is unique in this segment and, in addition to comfort functions such as seat and steering wheel heating, also includes the innovative driver assistance system BMW Driving Assistant. The vehicle interior can be designed individually at the customer's request: the in-house ALPINA upholstery shop offers almost limitless design possibilities with LAVALINA leather interiors.
  • LAUNCH: The new BMW ALPINA D4 S Gran Coupé can be ordered now and is expected to be available from the end of September 2022.

the best of both worlds2022 BMW Alpina D4 S Gran Coupé with 365 hp!

The drive of the BMW ALPINA D4 S combines the best of two worlds: Excellent responsiveness goes hand in hand with “diesel-atypical” revving power. The BMW mild hybrid technology used enables immediate response and increases efficiency. Despite the impressive performance potential, long ranges can be achieved effortlessly. The 3,0 liter in-line six-cylinder engine with bi-turbo charging achieves a maximum output of 261 kW (355 hp). The maximum torque of 730 Nm in the speed range between 1.750 and 2.750 rpm is available for superior power development in every driving situation. The driving performance sets standards in the segment: the Gran Coupé reaches 4,8 km/h from a standstill in just 100 seconds. The top speed is 270 km/h.

The powerful power delivery of the combustion engine is due to a special BMW injection and charging system. Both the high and the low-pressure stage feature variable turbine geometry, which ensures that the charging system responds spontaneously. The ALPINA high-performance cooling system with large-volume coolers, a transmission oil cooler, two external coolant coolers and an electromechanical coolant pump, in conjunction with the ALPINA-specific intercooler, ensures the thermal stability of the drive even under full load. An adapted underbody air duct ensures an optimal flow of the cooling package. The all-wheel drive is based on the BMW xDrive system, which allows fully variable torque distribution between the front and rear axles.

ALPINA all-wheel drive setup with a rear-biased design

In keeping with the sporty character of the BMW ALPINA D4 S, the ALPINA all-wheel drive setup has a rear-biased design. In addition, the standard, electronically controlled rear-axle locking differential ensures optimum traction - especially during dynamic driving maneuvers, for example when cornering at speed. A diesel oxidation catalytic converter and an SCR coating in the diesel particulate filter, together with an SCR system close to the engine and two SCR catalytic converters with AdBlue® injection, ensure a reduction in the nitrogen oxides contained in the exhaust gas. The consumption value determined according to the new, more realistic WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure) measurement method is 6,9 l/100 km, corresponding to 182 g/km CO2*.

2022 BMW Alpina D4 S Gran Coupé with 365 hp!

Emotional driving dynamics and comfortable travel - the BMW ALPINA D4 S is a real Gran Turismo. The ALPINA sports suspension effortlessly masters even challenging road conditions and impresses with dynamic driving maneuvers and high speeds with sovereign composure and a high sense of security. With a negative camber of 1,25° on the front axle, the BMW ALPINA D4 S has very high potential for lateral dynamics. The special spring and damper configuration ensures balanced suspension characteristics. Due to the ALPINA-specific tuning of the variable damper control, there is - as is usual with BMW ALPINA automobiles - a noticeable differentiation between the different driving modes.

2022 BMW Alpina D4 S Gran Coupé with 365 hp!

The anti-roll bar on the front axle was specially developed for the BMW ALPINA 4 Series: It offers excellent anti-roll control and thus allows a lot of lateral dynamics. The variable sports steering responds directly even with small steering angles and gives the BMW ALPINA D4 S a lot of agility. There are three steering modes available to the driver: The COMFORT mode offers smooth straight-line stability with a high sense of security up to the high-speed range, while the two SPORT modes are characterized by direct feedback. This means that the ALPINA-typical bandwidth between comfort and sporty, agile handling can also be experienced in the steering feel.

distinctive shape of the body

2022 BMW Alpina D4 S Gran Coupé with 365 hp!

The progressive wheel design of the BMW ALPINA 4 Series picks up on the striking shape of the body. Twenty filigree spokes run from the center of the wheel with a lockable wheel cover to the outer wheel rim. The wheels are manufactured using a complex forging process, which enables a low wheel weight of around 12 kg with a standard wheel size of 20". Due to the low rotational mass, the ALPINA engineers were able to achieve a high level of driving comfort, despite the sporty wheel/tire configuration in the dimensions 8,5×20" with 255/35 ZR20 tires at the front and 10×20" with 285/30 ZR20 tires rear.

The wheels are optionally available in black and anthracite. The Pirelli P ZERO ultra-high-performance tires* offer a high level of grip. The manufacturer identifier ALP on the side of the tire indicates that it is a tailor-made tire that Pirelli developed specifically for ALPINA. During development, equal importance was attached to ride comfort and superior dynamic properties. ALPINA also relies on brand-specific tires for the winter tyres, which are available for the new ALPINA CLASSIC 20" forged wheel: The Pirelli SOTTOZERO Series II (ALP) tires offer the best grip properties even in wintry conditions.

Four-piston fixed calipers

Four-piston fixed calipers with Ø 395 mm brake discs on the front axle and floating calipers with Ø 345 mm brake discs on the rear axle ensure excellent deceleration, which also bring the 301 km/h fast BMW ALPINA B4 to a standstill. The optional high-performance brake system with perforated lightweight composite brake discs offers even sportier pedal feedback: With this configuration, the braking forces can be metered very precisely via the brake pedal.

2022 BMW Alpina D4 S Gran Coupé with 365 hp!

The athletic character of the BMW ALPINA D4 S comes into its own in the exterior design thanks to the stretched silhouette and the flowing roof line. Expressiveness and sporty elegance characterize the vehicle design. The sporty front view with prominent BMW kidney grille is accentuated by the ALPINA front spoiler. At the rear, a subtle spoiler takes up the elegant coupé line. In addition, the rear is characterized by the brand-typical, four oval tailpipes of the ALPINA sports exhaust system. If desired, a trailer hitch can be integrated into the rear diffuser. A wide range of BMW and BMW Individual paint finishes is available for the BMW D4 S. The brand-typical metallic paint finishes ALPINA Blue and ALPINA Green are reserved exclusively for BMW ALPINA automobiles.

2022 BMW Alpina D4 S Gran Coupé with 365 hp!

The standard equipment of the BMW ALPINA D4 S is unique in this segment: In addition to comfort functions such as seat and steering wheel heating, it also includes innovative BMW assistance systems such as the Parking and Driving Assistant including Speed ​​Limit Assist, cross traffic and lane change warning and many other functions. Elegant details such as the ALPINA production plaque with an individual production number or the steering wheel lined with high-quality LAVALINA leather give the interior an exclusive flair.

equipped with LAVALINA leather

At the customer's request, the interior of the BMW ALPINA D4 S can be fully equipped with LAVALINA leather. The naturally tanned leather marks its own quality class in the automotive sector and is characterized by a soft and temperature-regulating skin characteristic. The in-house ALPINA upholstery shop implements even the most unusual individual customer requests in the interior in a masterly manner and with a devoted love of detail. The new BMW ALPINA D4 S Gran Coupé can be ordered now and is expected to be available from the end of September 2022. The recommended retail price including 19% VAT ex works Buchloe is: BMW ALPINA D4 S Gran Coupé: 79.700 euros Equipment and scope according to the market Germany. Subject to change.

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2022 BMW Alpina D4 S Gran Coupé with 365 hp!
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