Armored - Mansory Mercedes-Benz G-Class G63 (W463A)

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Armor Mansory Mercedes Benz G Class G63 W463A Tuning 10 Armored Mansory Mercedes Benz G Class G63 (W463A)

The market for special protection vehicles has been growing continuously for years and is becoming increasingly popular with customers from all over the world. If special protection vehicles have an extremely long tradition - the Japanese Emperor Hirohito had such a vehicle built in 1930 - the combination of high-quality, technically and visually refined vehicles that also meet the highest safety requirements is still a very new segment in the field of Complete vehicle conversions. Since the MANSORY brand is associated with the use of carbon components like no other, this material was also the material of choice for the refinement of the exterior in this complete vehicle conversion. Until now, however, the use of carbon mainly served the purpose of weight optimization and optical refinement, but this conversion to a special protection vehicle now has an additional role: the "invisible armor".

Armor for the Mercedes G-Class

Armor Mansory Mercedes Benz G Class G63 W463A Tuning 15 Armored Mansory Mercedes Benz G Class G63 (W463A)

In order to avoid the massive appearance typical of special protection vehicles, MANSORY deliberately uses dark carbon in the entire area below the window line and blinds or replaces the standard in the transition above the window line to implement the "invisible armor" in this vehicle Side protection strips elegant with. In combination with the selective use of carbon parts on the mirror caps, the A and D pillars, the all-round roof line and the surround of the additional headlights on the roof, the vehicle is painted in obsidian black metallic Overall appearance, which even at second glance does not reveal the complete armor of the car. The exterior conversions are rounded off by special wheels specially designed and developed for the armored G-Class. These forged wheels are 21 inches in size and are used for the elegant and unobtrusive use of safety tires.

41 mm thick window panes

Armor Mansory Mercedes Benz G Class G63 W463A Tuning 14 Armored Mansory Mercedes Benz G Class G63 (W463A)

The philosophy of “invisible armor” is also continued in the interior. Only in details - such as the window panes up to 41 mm thick - can it be seen that this G-Class has been elaborately armored to protect its occupants in accordance with the highest safety standards. If carbon is used as a visual aid for the exterior, it is the fully two-tone full leather interior for the interior that gives the various safety measures a visual lightness. This is achieved primarily by the fact that the interior in the area of ​​the window edge is made of light-colored leather upwards and dark brown leather below. The seating system - as is usual with this car with MANSORY interiors, lavishly quilted and decorated in many ways - and the rest of the interior incorporate both color schemes in various combinations and complement each other to create a harmonious whole. Particularly noteworthy here is the asymmetrical reflection of the colors of the front seats and the rear bench.

Performance increase up to 800PS / 1.050 Nm

Armor Mansory Mercedes Benz G Class G63 W463A Tuning 9 Armored Mansory Mercedes Benz G Class G63 (W463A)

In order to compensate for the additional weight of the overall vehicle, which is inevitable due to the armor, various technical changes were also implemented - not least in order to meet the high performance demands of all MANSORY complete conversions even when converting to a special protection vehicle. In addition to the engine with the two optionally available performance increases with 700PS / 950Nm and 800PS / 1.050Nm, the chassis was also adapted to the increased requirements for the higher overall weight and the desire for increased performance. The main focus of the MANSORY engineers is: Improved driving dynamics with maximum comfort combined with the overall philosophy of the vehicle: The concept of "invisible armor" is not only visual, but also enables driving and everyday handling of the vehicle. By converting to a special protection vehicle of the standardized protection class VPAM7, the MANSORY G-Class meets the highest safety standards.

Protection cell with protection standard VPAM-ERV

Armor Mansory Mercedes Benz G Class G63 W463A Tuning 8 Armored Mansory Mercedes Benz G Class G63 (W463A)

These apply to both fire and explosives, i.e. an attack by hand grenades against the roof and the floor and the vehicle being detonated from the side. The protective cell for the passengers was designed on the basis of the protection standard VPAM-ERV with regard to the distance and the type of explosives. Of course, all safety features such as sirens, intercom, fire extinguishers, respiratory masks for all occupants and a signal system ("Flashlights" - optionally integrated in the front apron and / or in the roof) are included in the complete conversion. The curb weight of the vehicle after the conversion is 3.750 kg (with 500 kg payload). Alternatively, MANSORY also offers armor for the G-Class according to the lower protection class of the VPAM4 standard. This protection class also offers comprehensive and increased protection for its occupants, but is aimed at customers who consider and want light armor for their vehicle to be sufficient for their personal safety. If we receive information on further details in a timely manner, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

(Photos: Mansory design)

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Mansory Mercedes-Benz G-Class G63 (W463A)

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