Army look for the Tesla Model S Stromer!

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If a tuning company that calls itself "SS" Customs brings a camouflage-colored car onto the market, that could be a topic of conversation, at least in Germany. After all, as you know, the ZDF reporters are already apologizing for wearing a brown shirt on your show! The background to the action is, however, much more serious and therefore "fun aside".

(Photo: SS Customs)
In cooperation with Tesla, the tuner SS Customs set up a Model S in an army look for those returning from the war for American Veterans Day. On November 11.11.2014, 300, Tesla invited 21 veterans and their families to take a closer look at the company's factory premises in Fremont, California. Of course, an adequate vehicle could not be missing. You have chosen a Tesla Model S with camouflage foiling and chic XNUMX inch rims that were powder-coated in green. Yellow-tinted headlights and a tailor-made roof rack were also installed so that the military equipment can also be accommodated.

Tesla Model S Army Look 7 Army Look for the Tesla Model S Stromer!

That's not all, Tesla wants to become the largest veteran employer in the US and currently has 5% war veterans in his workforce. Up to 600 additional veterans will come in the next few years. An honorable thing as we find.


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