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Top - AUDI A3 8P with sun protection from SOLARPLEXIUS

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Our Opel Corsa left us and our new project based on an AUDI A3 8P is just around the corner. And today it was time for our first modifications. There was a solar protection system from Solarplexius that we used already reported several times to have. After the Corsa, we naturally wanted to test the system in the AUDI A3 too, and as always, Solarplexius stood by our side and provided us with a set.

Summer Time Solar Plexius Sun Visor Experience Experience Coupon Discount Test Top AUDI A3 8P with Solar Protection by SOLARPLEXIUS

For our three-door A3, too, we find the Solarplexius sun protection system the perfect alternative to conventional window tinting with film. The Solarplexius system is particularly suitable for a three-door model such as the A3. While we can understand the concerns of some users in a car where the rear windows can be opened, this is not relevant for our A3. So perfect ...

And this is how our A3 looked without window tinting:

Even in a white vehicle like the A3, the sun lets the temperatures skyrocket, even in winter. In summer 40 degrees + are quickly reached and that is exactly what the solar plexius sun protection lenses prevent. In addition, they are also the perfect privacy screen. In recent years we have tinted the windows of many vehicles ourselves or have had them tinted. While a station wagon can quickly cost € 500 and more, the classic film and installation in a specialist workshop is a very expensive event for many that some people cannot or do not want to afford. If you do it yourself, with a high-quality film you are also easily in the direction of € 200, which is still pretty heavy.

500 € for a station wagon? Absolutely normal…

The fact that you only have one chance and small dust inclusions, air bubbles or wrinkles are almost always preprogrammed doesn't make it any easier. The biggest advantage of Solarplexius is that you can install the system yourself in a few minutes and with little effort and, if desired, for example in the winter months, remove it again in no time. The material is really robust and unbreakable and can easily be bent during assembly and disassembly. You don't need water or glue and you get a perfect result in the end. And that in record time ... The system manages to reduce solar radiation (UVA and UVB) to over 90% and at the same time give the vehicle a much better look.

Following a little instructions for installation

Images without the solar plexius system

The delivery scope for our vehicle included the 3 disks (Side windows + rear window) as well as gloves for installation and clips that can be attached self-adhesive for additional locking if necessary.

Installation is child's play and takes about 5 minutes per side. The discs come with small noses that ensure a snug fit and can also be fixed with the self-adhesive holding clips.

Installation for the rear window

As with our Opel Corsa, the system is really impressive on & in the A3. We were done in a good 20 minutes and our A3 has tinted windows that protect against the sun, thieves, annoying looks, etc.

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