The red devil: Audi RS3 with H&R coil springs

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Audi RS3 sedan GY coil springs front


The possible improvement potential of an Audi RS3? Manageable! Powerful performance, knee-deep sound, striking optics! But when it came to the chassis, the H&R engineers found leeway in the form of the H&R coilover spring set that is now being presented. The freely adjustable lowered vehicle center of gravity (FA 15-25 mm / RA 15-30 mm) ensures more direct steering behavior and reduced body movement in fast corners or in the event of sudden load changes. The driving comfort remains suitable for long-distance journeys, but visually the reduced ground clearance significantly perfects the crisp appearance.

also Trak + wheel spacers available

Audi RS3 Sedan GY coil springs side

The threaded spring set also fits the sedan as well as the Sportback. With the optionally available TRAK+ wheel spacers made of high-tensile aluminum, standard and retrofit wheels can be aligned with millimeter precision on the fender edges. All H&R components always have the necessary parts certificates and are Made in Germany! Further information on the H&R social media channels: Facebook  ➤Instagram  ➤Twitter  ➤YouTube.

Audi RS3 sedan GY coil springs rear

H&R components for the Audi RS3 Limousine + Sportback

  • Type GY, 4WD, incl. adaptive damping, from year of construction 2021
  • thread springs
    - Item no .: 23027-1
    - Lowering: VA 15-25 mm / HA 15-30 mm
    – Price (RRP): €745,68 incl. 19% VAT.
  • Trak + wheel spacers
    - silver or black anodized
    - Widening: from 16 mm (per axis)
    – Price (RRP): from €104,11 incl. 19% VAT.

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The red devil: Audi RS3 with H&R coil springs
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Audi RS3 sedan GY coil springs front Audi RS3 sedan GY coil springs rear Audi RS3 Sedan GY coil springs side

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