Wheelsandmore brings 1.045 PS to the Audi RS7 (C8)!

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Audi RS7 C8 Tuning wheelsandmore 8 Wheelsandmore brings 1.045 PS to the Audi RS7 (C8)!

Automobiles do not automatically drive into the desirable high-end area, which by definition includes the highest quality level - especially in terms of technical performance - is to be understood, the respective vehicle manufacturers take care of that. But that any non plus ultra goes even further optimized once again shows wheelsandmore in Baesweiler near Aachen, on whose flags "for a more powerful world“Clearly reads. The top model from Audi presented here is called the RS7 Sportback. Wheelsandmore has buttoned up exactly the flagship in order to give him even more power with plenty of potency. The RS4 from Audi, equipped with a 8-liter V7 engine, already provides excellent performance at sports car level. The professional team around Sebastian Dohmen currently has some power levels in program!

1.045 PS in the Audi RS7 Sportback

Audi RS7 C8 Tuning wheelsandmore 7 Wheelsandmore brings 1.045 PS to the Audi RS7 (C8)!

Everything starts with the Stage 1 Increase in performance 700 PS. This includes a modified engine control including the removal of the rev limiter when the vehicle is stationary, a change in the flap control, the removal of the V-Max limitation and an increase in the sound experience. And all of this with TÜV registration. The price is € 3.399,00 including VAT and installation. It continues with the Stage 1 + Increase in performance 740 PS. The changes correspond to Stage 1, but contain different software. You have to calculate with 4.499,00 euros including VAT and installation. And here, too, there is a TÜV registration. It continues with the Stage 2 Increase in performance 780 PS. The changes from Stage 1+ will be added Sports air filter insert and again there is a TÜV entry.

Stage 3: performance increase to 840 hp

Audi RS7 C8 Tuning wheelsandmore 9 Wheelsandmore brings 1.045 PS to the Audi RS7 (C8)!

The basis for Stage 3 is the Stage 2 increase in performance. In addition, there is an adapted transmission control with modified shift logic, increased clutch pressures, shortened shift times and adaptation of the torques. There are also changed OPF exhaust pipes with metal catalyst and particle filter in exchange (replaces the standard downpipe). There is also a changed one intake system with a large-volume air filter box, there is a sports air filter, enlarged hoses and significantly enlarged intake manifolds. All of this with TÜV registration at a price of € 12.999,00 including VAT. Above Stage 3, the ranks Stage 4 Expansion stage on 915 PS. In addition to the changes in Stage 3, there are also changes turbocharger level 1, changed MAP sensors, a switch to Racing motor oil. A TÜV registration is also possible here and Stage 4 should cost exactly 19.999,00 euros including VAT but plus installation.

Stage 5: Increase in performance to 980 | 1045 hp (102 RON / RON)

The spearhead is that Stage 5 Increase in performance to a maximum 1.045 PS. There are changes to the changes from Stage 4 Stage 2 turbocharger and Exhaust stainless steel exhaust system from front silencer, double 80 mm and third flap without middle silencer. A TÜV entry is here but "just" until 980 PS possible! The fun should cost 29.999,00 euros including VAT but plus installation costs.

Audi RS7 C8 Tuning wheelsandmore 6 Wheelsandmore brings 1.045 PS to the Audi RS7 (C8)!

optional: TEC-Tronic additional control unit

And an increase in performance 716 PS & 940 Nm is possible using an additional control unit. The TEC-Tronic additional control unit for the Audi RS7 increases the available torque with intensive power delivery even at low engine speeds. The wheelsandmore kit is service and analysis neutral and is often used in leasing and company cars. The price is 3.999 including VAT. Wheelsandmore optionally offers one Tuning guarantee for a total of 2 years (To 100.000 km) at the price of € 950 including VAT.

The chassis:

Suspension-technical is a Coil spring set installed by KW. The adaptive series damper control remains active on the coil springs. Upon request, there is also a coilover variant 4 of the same origin is available. The coilover kit is, however should not suitable for vehicles with level control / air suspension.

Audi RS7 C8 Tuning wheelsandmore 5 Wheelsandmore brings 1.045 PS to the Audi RS7 (C8)!

The rims:

For the rims, the choice fell on three rim designs named 6Sporz, FIWE and G-Logic. The alloy wheels for the RS7 not only convince with their stable construction, but rather with the largest possible Individuality for the customer. Surface and color are made exactly according to customer requirements and all colors with code and RAL colors are possible. Special requests such as the manufacturer's logo in the hub caps, your own branded millings or engravings, a carbon look coating and color-accentuating outlines are very welcome at wheelsandmore. Sizes available for the RS7 C8 are 10,5 × 22 in with high-performance tires in size 285 / 30-22. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Audi RS7 C8 Tuning wheelsandmore 3 Wheelsandmore brings 1.045 PS to the Audi RS7 (C8)!

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The classic - reissued: wheelsandmore TS-1 rim

wheelsandmore TS 1 rim 1 310x165 Wheelsandmore brings 1.045 PS to the Audi RS7 (C8)!

Ferrari SF90 Stradale with 1.118 PS from Wheelsandmore!

Ferrari SF90 Stradale Wheelsandmore Tuning 12 310x165 Wheelsandmore brings 1.045 PS to the Audi RS7 (C8)!

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series with 789 PS and underdock system!

Mercedes AMG Black Series Tuning wheelsandmore Underdock System 310x165 Wheelsandmore brings 1.045 PS to the Audi RS7 (C8)!

Audi RS7 C8 with crazy 980 or 1045 PS
Photo credit: Wheelsandmore

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