Please build: Audi RS8 (D5) sedan with V8 BiTurbo!

[Update: 12.10.2023] This post was updatedto take more recent information into account. One thing in advance, the following pictures show KEIN real vehicle. These are so-called renderings from the Instagram channel "the_hycade" from a few days ago. They show a current Audi A8 of the D5 series as a RS specification. However, the photos have nothing to do with the manufacturer Audi and are fictitious. We wish it were different though. Because if Audi actually decided to build an A8 as an RS vehicle, we think it would definitely attract a lot of interest. Because one thing is fact: few cars make the hearts of enthusiasts beat as much as those of Audi Sport, especially the RS models.

Audi RS8 (D5) Sedan

Nevertheless there is – as with BMW-M or Mercedes-AMG - again and again vehicle types that do not come onto the road as a sporty top model. And the A8 is such a vehicle! But the designer Hykada virtual creation brought to life has now become reality, at least as a "theoretical Audi RS8".

And we think such a conversion is definitely possible with one bodykit to realize. Maybe take a tuner like Prior-Design, ABT Sportsline or G&B design the rendering as a template for the production of suitable add-on parts. A lot has changed compared to the A8 top model, i.e. the S8. This would give Audi a serious opponent for the crazy one, at least from a visual point of view Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ E Performance at the beginning. A few key styling modifications lift the Hycade RS version of the A8 from the S model.

with typical RS front section

For example, the front section was enlarged and typically shaped air intakes in the front apron. There was also a black one radiator grill in the style of the RS6 and also a decent one front spoiler as well as new ones Headlights with special light graphics are installed. And of course the striking, widened ones should not be missing fender. They came in front and back and also a matching set sill Swords. And of course the changes from Hycade continue at the rear.

the rear view has also changed

In addition to the fender flares already mentioned, there were small ones air openings in the side panel and of course a completely new one rear apron. And one with a typical RS look, including the well-known oval ones tailpipes in XXL format. With a small one spoiler on the tailgate, larger wheels and a subtle one Lowering the virtual changes are rounded off. And under the hood? It would be cool if the RS8 received the well-known 4,0-liter V8 with two turbochargers from the RS6, but if possible with electrification for an output in the range of around 830 hp and around 1.300 Nm of torque.

Counterpart to the AMG GT 63 SE Performance?

With regard to the AMG GT 63 SE Performance mentioned above, there would be a good counter-argument at the start. However, the chances of this are trending against null. Pity! If we get more pictures, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

1. Why wasn't the Audi RS8 mass-produced?

  • Despite cool technical data and the usual aesthetics, the Audi RS8 (see link above) not developed for series production. The main reason for this is probably Audi's strategic and economic decisions. Developing and producing a high-performance vehicle for a niche can be extremely costly and may not generate the sales figures expected.

2. What are the features of the Audi RS8?

  • The Audi RS8 Prototype from our link above is a vehicle that impresses with good engine performance and advanced technical specifications. A key element that needs to be highlighted is that V8. Furthermore, the RS8 impresses with its luxurious and sporty design, which appeals to both racing fans and luxury vehicle enthusiasts.

3. Where can I see the RS8?

  • Although the Audi RS8 was not produced for the mass market, those interested can see the prototype Auto Forum Neckarsulm admire. The vehicle is presented here as part of the special exhibition to mark the 25th anniversary of the Audi RS.

4. How does the RS8 differ from other models in the RS series?

  • The Audi RS8 is unique compared to other RS ​​models and was never mass-produced. While other RSs are known for their high-performance engines and sporty driving style, the RS8 represents a combination of exclusive looks and engineering that sets it apart from the standard models.

5. Are there any plans for the future?

  • So far there are no official plans from Audi RS8 to bring it into series production. The RS8 remains an exhibit that offers a glimpse into the company's possible development directions and design philosophies. However, it cannot be ruled out that certain design elements or technologies could be seen in future RS models.

6. What technical data are known about the Audi RS8?

  • Since the Audi RS8 never went into production, detailed technical specifications are limited. However, the Auto Forum exhibition could reveal some specific details, such as the engine, transmission, speed and other performance data.

7. Is it possible that the Audi RS8 will go into series production in the future?

  • While it's an exciting prospect for fans, the likelihood remains that the RS8 goes into series production, is very low based on the information and statements from Audi so far. The vehicle currently serves primarily as a testament to what is possible.

Don't worry, of course that was far from being the case when it came to auto / auto tuning. Our magazine still has tens of thousands other tuning reports in stock. Do you want to see them all? Then just click HERE and look around. Or are you particularly interested in everything to do with virtually tuned vehicles (so-called renderings)? Then click on one of the following posts!

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Please build: Audi RS8 (D5) sedan with V8 BiTurbo!
Photo credit: Hykada

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