Audi S8 (D4) from JMS on 22 inch flow-forming rims!

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Audi S8 D4 JMS 22 inch flow forming rims 3

Can you still remember the JMS Audi S8 on Project X rims remember from 2020? The luxury liner has received a new pair of shoes for 2022. Lightweight construction is of great importance in the automotive sector. Last but not least, this applies to the area of ​​the unsprung mass, i.e. brake systems, rims and Co. Weight reductions here in particular bring about significant improvements in driving dynamics. Of course, forged wheels are particularly light, but they are also correspondingly expensive. The flow forming production process has established itself as an attractive alternative in recent years. It also comes with the high quality, at this Audi S8 the D4 series installed rims from Barracuda Racing Wheels.

Lightweight construction thanks to flow forming

The top model of the Ingolstadt luxury liner, powered by a 520 hp and 650 Nm biturbo V8, stands on Project 2.0 wheels from Barracuda's Ultralight Series. Despite their generous dimensions of 10,5×22 inches ET25, the exceptional rims only weigh 12,9 kilograms. Stylistically, they inspire with an extreme concavity and the finish in black with brushed front areas ensures a unique look. The mounted tires measure 265/30ZR22.

Lowering and full foiling

The tuning concept FFF Subsequently, the S8 was also lowered using a module for its factory air suspension and a complete foil: The body has a new outer skin in gray, which was applied by the foil duo. Thanks for taking the photos goes to Hauckigraphy. If we get more information about the changes to the Audi S8 (D4) from JMS, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Audi S8 (D4) from JMS on 22 inch flow-forming rims!
Photo credit: JMS vehicle parts

Audi S8 D4 JMS 22 inch flow forming rims 3

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