Audi Sport quattro replica: +1.000 hp rally monster from LCE!

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LCE Audi Sport quattro replica tuning 17 Audi Sport quattro replica: +1.000 PS rally monster from LCE!

Those were the days when no sophisticated small cars like a Hyundai i20 or a VW Polo fought for the title in the rally world championship, but real cars took to the starting line, which gave fans goose bumps and for unprecedented emotions on the track and in front of the TV sets. These so-called Group B monsters caused goosebumps and spectacle at the same time, and were not only lightning fast, but unfortunately also so treacherous to drive and difficult to control that there were several fatal accidents, which caused these cars to disappear again after a few years disappeared and "civilian" cars were used again in the WRC. The fascination of rally cars has remained unbroken to this day, and many motorsport fans want such rally cars back instead of having to make do with modified small cars. But until that happens, motorsport fans from all over the world will have to make do with replicas like this one.

newly built Audi Sport quattro replica

LCE Audi Sport quattro replica tuning 18 Audi Sport quattro replica: +1.000 PS rally monster from LCE!

The Tuningschmiede Lake Constance Engineeringwhich as LCE performancee is better known, produces complete replicas of the Audi Sport Quattro at the customer's request, which are based on the Audi original quattro, and are optionally available as a street or rally version, and with TÜV approval and at least 600 hp. A demonstration object can be seen in the pictures, which shows what is technically possible by carrying a 2,5-liter turbo five-cylinder under the hood, which produces a breathtaking 1081 hp and 1018 Newton meters of maximum torque. The body is almost entirely made of carbon and therefore the monster weighs only 1060 kg. This results in an insane power-to-weight ratio, which undercuts the 1kg / hp sound barrier and thus competes with supersport motorcycles and F1 racers.

In view of the fact that the original rally car only had 530 hp, this is an engine-technical masterpiece by the tuning company from Lake Constance. The maximum boost pressure is an unbelievable 3,4 bar, and the gear is shifted via a 6-speed manual transmission from the Audi RS2 operated by a CAE shifter. The theoretical top speed of this replica is an insane 330 km / h, but this car is not made for that, because the short wheelbase, the body, which is 320 mm shorter than the original quattro, is not designed to withstand speeds of more than 300 km / h. h to be stable and generate enough downforce.

Sporty interior, but not completely spartan

LCE Audi Sport quattro replica tuning 19 Audi Sport quattro replica: +1.000 PS rally monster from LCE!

The interior was given two Recaro SPG full bucket seats with red Sandtler belts, and the deeply molded sports steering wheel gives the driver a view of a collection of analog and digital instruments that have been integrated into a dashboard made entirely of carbon. The door panels are also made of carbon, and the icing on the passenger side of the presentation vehicle is a signature of rally legend and Audi tamer Walter Röhrl.

Audi Sport quattro priceless in its original condition

LCE Audi Sport quattro replica tuning 5 Audi Sport quattro replica: +1.000 PS rally monster from LCE!

The replicas are much more affordable than an original Audi Sport quattro, which at that time was limited to only 220 pieces and was sinfully expensive in 1984 at 195.000 marks, and is nowadays traded in its original condition at prices around 500.000 euros and more. In addition, the performance is much higher than the only 306 hp of an original Sport quattro. Every car and tuning fan who is now interested in such a replica can find out more about the unique project at If we receive timely information on further details on the Audi Sport quattro replica, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Audi Sport quattro replica details:

  • Built by LCE or LCE Performance
  • Basis: Urquattro (converted, A to B pillar identical to Audi 80 (Type 85) sedan)
  • Turbo five-cylinder with 1.081 hp at 6.890 rpm and 1.018 NM torque at 6.240 rpm and 3,4 bar boost pressure (Block Audi A6 2.5 TDI, 92,8 millimeter crankshaft, forged piston and H-shaft connecting rod, 2 x Bosch 044 motorsport petrol pumps, catch tank, 1.600 Injector Dynamics nozzles, three-component bearings, cylinder head from Audi S2 using CNC Machined technology, 288/276-degree camshaft, Inconel valves, Schrick springs and plates, TTE shock manifold. TTE 1200 turbocharger, RS 2 wastegate, no blow-off valve, VEMS control unit)
  • individually built according to customer requirements (as rally or street version, with TÜV approval)
  • Carbon body (roof, bumpers, bonnet, side panels, fenders), metal doors
  • BBS magnesium rims with semislicks (10 × 18 inches, BBS E28 racing rims, golden Y-spoke stars made of magnesium alloy, offset depth -07)
  • Toyo Proxes R888R-Semislicks (255 / 35R18)
  • KW technology based coilover (adjustable in rebound and compression, stabilizers from LCE)
  • Porsche brake system (VA from the 996 GT3 RS with red 6-piston calipers and perforated 365 × 34 millimeter discs, rear axle with 1-piston calipers from the Audi S2 with perforated 310 mm discs)
  • Base body shortened by 320 millimeters
  • Sport quattro front (headlight Passat 32B)
  • individually adapted 3,5 inch stainless steel exhaust system
  • Total weight 1.060 kg
  • Audi RS 2 6-speed manual transmission with CAE shifter
  • Sachs 2-disc sintered metal clutch
  • Reinforced drive shafts from the S2 Coupé
  • Axles from the S2 Coupé
  • Cockpit with weld-in cell painted in body color, 2 x Recaro SPG full bucket seats, Sandtler belts, sports steering wheel, analog and digital stack instruments, carbon dashboard, carbon door panels

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Audi Sport quattro replica - rally monster

LCE Audi Sport quattro replica tuning 17 Audi Sport quattro replica: +1.000 PS rally monster from LCE!

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