Saturday 23th September 2023


Bentley is a British automaker and was founded by Walter Owen Bentley 1919. For the most part, racing cars were produced by the British. These wagons became legendary in the 1920s due to the victories at Le Mans. However, 1931 made a big turn in the business, Bentley went bankrupt and was banned by Rolls-Royce accepted. Thus Bentley and Rolls-Royce were almost identical for the next 67 years. The only distinguishing feature was the sporty equipment and the discreet grille, which emphasized the origin of the car sport. In the year 1998 bought Volkswagen Rolls-Royce up. The models Brooklands, Azure and Arnage were further produced. 2003 appeared the first Bentley developed by VW. the Continental GT. It is based on the VW Phaeton. Thus, Bentley remains even today as a luxury car. In the field of tuning the Continental GT is the focus of Bentley lovers. Especially chiptuning, the rims and exhaust systems of the luxury class are refined by autotuning.