Tuesday 26th October 2021

Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​+ Cabrio with Akra system!

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Continental GT Speed ​​Cabrio Akrapovic Sport Exhaust Tuning 2 Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​+ Cabrio with Akra system!

Bentley now has a sporty one Exhaust System for the new Continental GT Speed And that GT Speed ​​Cabriolet at the beginning. In other words, the strongest and fastest Bentley vehicle in the company's history can now take part Akrapovič soundscape be ordered. Anyone who treats themselves to a speed version of the Continental GT or owns the Continental GT Cabrio is sure to have an extremely dynamic version of the luxury liner. After all, both have a potent one 660 PS and 900 Nm strong 6.0 W12-BiTurbo under the hood and thus enable performance on the level of a super sports car. And now the speed party can even have a special Akrapovič exhaust system be upgraded.

for Continental GT Speed ​​and GT Speed ​​Cabrio

The system consists of Titan and is specially developed for the Continental's Speed ​​series. she is 7 kilograms lighter than the series system, but that does not mean that the vehicle, which weighs well over two tons, will be lightweight. Actually for the Pikes Peak Continental GT According to Bentley, the manufactured exhaust system delivers an impressive sound and even provides a more direct throttle response thanks to less back pressure. There is a for this purpose in the two rear silencers flap system installed that can be electronically controlled. The sport exhaust differs optically from the series, with four oval tailpipes with a matt titanium finish and subtle Bentley and Akrapovič branding. The Akrapovič system can be ordered directly from the Bentley dealer.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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