Thursday 16rd September 2021

Mulliner: 22 inch carbon rims for the Bentley Bentayga!

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Bentayga carbon rims tuning 22 inch 3 Mulliner: 22 inch carbon rims for the Bentley Bentayga!

After years of development work with one of the world's leading composite suppliers, Bentley yesterday announced its Mulliner Department a new, specially developed for the Bentayga, Carbon wheel presented. In the format 22 inch. The rim was developed with the specialists from Bucci composites and currently the rim is likely to be the largest carbon rim available on the market. According to Mulliner, the wheel improves the unsprung mass by 6 kg per rim. Of course the rim is TÜV-compliant and it was the first carbon bike ever to pass all tests by the technical inspection association. Regardless of whether it is a biaxial load test, radial and side impact tests to simulate potholes and cobblestones, tire overpressure or excess torque above the permissible limit values. Every test was bestanden. And that even applies to that Hit test (Impact test).

the advantages of composite rims

And even more than that. Because what would destroy an aluminum wheel, the carbon rim for the Bentayga even withstood so long that the vehicle would still have time to stop. And of course the carbon bike has also been put through its paces on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. And the carbon fiber not only ensures a clear one Weight saving, but also offers the added benefit of a increased strength and rigidity. This has the following advantages.

Bentayga carbon rims tuning 22 inch 2 Mulliner: 22 inch carbon rims for the Bentley Bentayga!

  • Increased security - When the rim is subjected to a strong impact, the fabric pulls apart and leaves fine openings to allow a gradual loss of air instead of immediately deflating like an aluminum rim
  • Increased steering agility - the weight saving of 6 kg per rim and the high rigidity due to the properties of the carbon fibers ensure a more stable and uniform Steering. And compared to a carbon rim of the same size, a forged aluminum rim has less grip and agility due to its design
  • Improved and more responsive braking maneuvers
  • Less tire wear - Since the stiffer carbon rim deforms less, it enables greater tire stability and a more even contact area as well as a larger contact area for the tire

The new 22-inch carbon wheel is the perfect complement to the existing carbon products from Bentley including the styling specification for the Bentayga in the form of the Carbon front splitter, Rocker panels and the rear diffuser. We are currently not aware of the prices.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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