"Disability is all relative" - ​​documentary about Alessandro Zanardi's "Road to Daytona"

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Alessandro Zanardi's "Road To Daytona

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BMW brand ambassador Alessandro Zanardi (ITA) is in rehabilitation after his serious handbike accident in June 2020. Not only has the BMW family been with him in thoughts since the accident, but countless fans all over the world send him their best wishes. With his fighting spirit and impressive personality, Zanardi is an idol for many. Insights into this personality is also provided by a 50-minute documentary filmed in 2018 and 2019 about Zanardi's months of preparation for the 24 Hours of Daytona (USA) in the BMW M8 GTE: "Alex Zanardi - Disability is all relative". This documentary will now be shown on Sunday (May 2nd) on the German-language TV channel Sky Sport F1.

After his accident, Zanardi has now started a rehab program in which he is in very good hands. It is a very tedious process in which there are bright spots, but unfortunately also complications time and again. His family has expressly agreed to the broadcast of the documentary. Zanardi saw it himself before his accident and was thrilled to see how emotionally and impressively his “Road to Daytona” is shown in the film.

The title of the documentary reflects Zanardi's attitude to life: "Disability is all relative" - ​​"Limitations are relative". In his opening quote, he says: “In a way, we all have to deal with limitations. It's all relative. Life is a journey and we have to accept our limits. No one can fly like a bird. So you try to avoid the problem if you can't overcome it. ”This is followed by exclusive insights into the collaboration between Zanardi and BMW Motorsport, including unique goose bumps during the races in Misano (ITA) and Daytona.

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Zanardi's start in the BMW Team RLL's BMW M8 GTE at the “24 Hours Daytona” in January 2019 was one of numerous highlights in the collaboration between Zanardi and BMW Motorsport, which went back to 2003 and in which he repeatedly succeeded in circumventing restrictions . The Daytona project kicked off in spring 2018. The big challenge this time was converting the BMW M8 GTE to meet Zanardi's needs: long-distance use should be possible without Zanardi's prostheses; he accelerated, braked, steered and shifted gear only with his Hands. Always there - from the first preparations in Munich (GER) to the finish of the 24-hour race - the crew from Tailwind Film was there. She accompanied Zanardi's “Road to Daytona” for eight months.

The 50-minute documentary "Alex Zanardi - Disability is all relative" will be broadcast on Sky Sport F2 next Sunday, May 19.30nd at 1 pm. The film is also available on Amazon (in Germany, Great Britain and the USA).

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