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BimmerCode - what can the APP do for BMW, Mini & Toyota?

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AC Schnitzer BMW X6 M50i G06 Tuning 17 BimmerCode what can the APP for BMW, Mini & Toyota do?

With the so-called BimmerCode APP different vehicles can be connected via an OBD II connection coded will. The app is used for diagnosing a wide variety of vehicles. BimmerCode are currently mainly BMW models (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, Z4, i3, i8), the current one Mini and the Toyota Supra supports. Similar apps are now available for almost all vehicles. Of course, this is a relatively great relief, since until recently such diagnoses were still over not entirely legal software's how NCS, INPA, Esys and ISTA-P had to be carried out on the PC. Now all of this can be done very conveniently via apps and OBD plugs such as OBDeleven, Carly or Carista. But we come to BimmerCode. The app does not always work completely reliably and errors can quickly occur, especially in expert mode, but this has always been a problem with coding. Therefore the codings are always Perform at your own risk.

OBD dongle + € 34,99 are due

Unfortunately, the app is currently out of order are not free of charge but must be for one time 34,99 Euros can be acquired. In addition to purchasing the app, you will also need one OBD II supporting adapter, which from € 15,00 is commercially available as a WLAN or Bluetooth device. Before you pay for the app, you can also try it out on your car or in the Demo mode without adapter to test.

BimmerCode App Adapter expert Instructions BimmerCode what can the APP do for BMW, Mini & Toyota?

As soon as your Apple or Android smartphone, the BimmerCode app and the OBD II adapter are connected, you can really start. When the connection is established, the BimmerCode recognizes all supporting control devices such as the Head Unit, the Active Sound Design or the Front Electronic Module. In addition, special modules such as a Driving Assistance System, which Air conditioning or the instrument cluster recognized and the data read out.

  1. Switch on ignition. (G series vehicles - activate diagnostic mode - to do this the Start button 3 times press in quick succession without applying the brake / clutch).
  2. Parking brake must be applied, no gear engaged.
  3. Switch off electrical consumers (lighting, ventilation, heating, radio, etc.).
  4. Additional hardware that is connected to the CAN bus (e.g. JB4, reversing camera, exhaust flap control) may have to be deactivated or disconnected. The communication can otherwise be disturbed.
  5. For coding in original state be. CarPlay activation or navigation activation by third-party providers must be reversed before the change.

BimmerCode App Adapter expert Instructions UniCar BimmerCode what can the APP do for BMW, Mini & Toyota?

You can then use any control device check individually and see through which settings can be made. You will be amazed, because even a 1 or 3 series BMW with a supposed "Basic Equipment“The setting options are enormous. For example, the brightness of the ambient lighting, the daytime running lights, the temperature of the seat heating, the automatic locking or the installed battery power can be adapted in the front electronic module. We have it in ours G30 M550i tried and spontaneously that 330 km / h Alpina Design activated for the instrument cluster and a M graphic lost. Even if that doesn't quite fit together, it shows what is feasible.

In addition, very special functions can also be set. The exterior mirrors, for example, can be folded in automatically as soon as reverse gear is engaged or whether the MSA automatic start / stop function switched off automatically be. There are also other functions, for example in the head unit, where you can check the temperature in the tire pressure gauge or warnings such as the seat belt not being worn deactivate can. However, some functions should still are not can be changed, such as the acoustic acknowledgment when locking or unlocking of the car. Like some other functions, this is prohibited according to the StVZO. There is more about this in our article "Acoustic acknowledgment of the alarm system permitted by law?"

Scope of the BimmerCode app

Overall, the app offers several hundred interesting functions. These include functions such as Active Sound Design, active cruise control, alarm system, ambient lighting, angel eyes, seat belt reminder, display options for the instrument cluster, audio, automatic transmission, exterior mirrors, battery, lighting, indicators, driving mode, tailgate, air conditioning, fuel reserve warning, reversing camera, window cleaning , Headlight cleaning, seat heating, voltage monitoring, sports displays, automatic start-stop, daytime running lights, doors / windows, video or warnings. Despite the actually very numerous functions, a few are missing. For example, a cruise control that remains active at all times or the dimming of the parking lights on the turn signal side. But some functions are not so easy to implement.

BimmerCode App Adapter expert Instructions 2 BimmerCode what can the APP do for BMW, Mini & Toyota?

A couple of questions and answers!

  • System requirements? BimmerCode runs with all iOS devices from iOS version 9.3 and Android devices from Android version 4.4.
  • Vehicles? almost all BMWs and Minis from 2008, Toyota Supra A90 (from 2019)
  • Encodings? depending on the vehicle type and the equipment of the vehicle. Common codings are:
    Active sound design
    Active cruise control
    Acoustic acknowledgment
    Acoustic pedestrian protection
    Alarm Upgrade Volumetric & Tilt Sensors
    Ambient lighting
    Angel Eyes
    Seat belt reminder
    Instrument cluster display options
    IDrive system display options
    Welcome light
    Driving mode
    Emergency brake light
    Air conditioning
    Comfort opening / closing
    Fuel reserve warning
    LED conversion
    Auto start stop function
    Backup camera
    window cleaning
    headlight washers
    Heated seats
    Lane Departure Warning
    Lane change
    daytime running lights
    turn signal
    Doors / windows
  • Any OBD adapter possible? Nein! Nicht every adapter works with BimmerCode. The following is an overview of accepted OBD adapters (as of 08/2021):
    Veepeak OBDCheck BLE

    Vgate iCar Bluetooth

    Vgate iCar WLAN

    vLinker bluetooth

    vLinker WLAN


    DCAN USB cable

    ENET cable

    MHD ENET (black)



    OBDLink CX

    OBDLink LX / MX / MX +

    SX / EX



    Certain control units in the vehicle (especially in newer G-series vehicles) can only be read out and coded with certain adapters.

Findings from our test

As with the use of VCDS in vehicles from the VAG Group will too during use Bimmercode sometimes shows error messages in the display. These can be a bit shocking for drivers who have never coded before. But such error messages are quite normal, since the control units are restarted during coding and therefore for a short time not available are. If you get the message "Coding error" at the beginning of the coding receive, a separate connection to the OBD II adapter can also be the cause. The problem can be solved by trying to connect again. Should an error occur with a control unit, then one should Restoration of the original backup. Who, however outside of expert mode moved, he can't really go wrong.

Summary to the APP BimmerCode:

The BimmerCode App can be purchased for a one-time investment of 35 euros WITHOUT SUBSCRIPTION MODEL be purchased. In addition, however, an adapter must be purchased, which is not always inexpensive but offers vehicle enthusiasts many exciting extras and functions. If you have already done this type of coding at a dealer, investing in the BimmerCode app is definitely worthwhile for you.

After all, a simple error readout at the dealer can cost around € 100. However, you have to consider that an error readout with BimmerCode CAN'T is possible. BimmerCode is suitable NUR for coding the vehicle. If you want to carry out an error readout, then you need BimmerLink. What BimmerLink is all about can be found in the article "BimmerLink: fault detection for BMW, Mini and the Supra!“Can be read. One thing is certain for us: only in the rarest case the costs of the BimmerCode App in combination with an OBD adapter should NOT pay off.

BimmerCode App Adapter expert Instructions 3 BimmerCode what can the APP do for BMW, Mini & Toyota?

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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