Video: 1.020 PS & 1.650 NM in the BMW 1 Series Diesel (E81)!

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BMW 1 series diesel tuning E81 2

How far can you go with a diesel? The answer is provided by this elderly man E87 1 series BMW. The vehicle belongs to Dragoş Stăcescu and he converted the first generation 1 series into an absolute diesel monster. Incidentally, the basis was once a three-door (E81) 118d, which now has a heavily tuned 335d engine delighted from an E90 xDrive. The in-line six-cylinder also received many components from more powerful diesel vehicles from the BMW shelf, including the xDrive system from a 330d (E90). This became one Eight-speed automatic installed from an X6 (F16). By the way, the 1 series is specially designed for that Drag Racing modified. He's currently delivering crazy ones 1.020 PS & 1.650 Nm of torque to all four wheels. And what this performance does with the one was seen at the Romanian Drag Championship.

1.020 PS & 1.650 NM in the BMW 1 Series

BMW 1 series diesel tuning E81 1

Since the event, it has been considered the fastest accelerating BMW diesel ever built. He graduated Quarter mile in just 8,31 seconds and with a maximum speed of 270 km/h. In addition, it flies from 1,87 to 0 km/h in a breathtaking 100 seconds and even beats a Tesla Model S Plaid. Just 2,84 seconds later, the 200 km/h sound barrier has already been broken. Another 2,44 seconds later, the 250 Series is already at 1 km/h. By the way, Dragoş owns the tuning business CompleteCHIP Iaşi in Romania and he has been building his diesel racer since winter 2019.


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