Video: BMW 2002 with M20 engine and Marlboro look!

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BMW 2002 M20 engine Marlboro look 2

Tony is the owner of this one BMW 2002 Restomod from 1972 and he has owned the vehicle for around twenty years. At the time of purchase, the Munich car was still completely in series production, but a lot has happened since then. The 2002 is all in one Marlboro livery shrouded and instead of the old M10 engine a six-cylinder is now installed. Specifically, it is the M20 straight-six from a 1989 325i E30 that was extensively modified and now has one turbocharger owns. In its current state, the engine can be powerful 420 PS & 540 NM torque perform "on the bike". However, the 2002 is hardly drivable, so the performance increases about 300 PS has been reduced.

BMW 2002 with M20 engine

Considering only approx. 950 kilograms curb weight this is still an extremely impressive figure. Next on the vehicle was the entire Body reinforced and the suspension with a Coilover suspension with Bilstein shock absorbers fitted on the front and rear axles. In addition, the classic stands on golden 15 inches BBS wheels with hub cap in red and also the Bremsanlage is upgraded. Inside shows a brown one Tobacco leather interior, there were Recaro seats from an E30 and that too Gear comes from the E30. It's best to see the rest for yourself.


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