Video: BMW 3.0 CSL electric replica vs. Ford Mustang V8!

BMW 3.0 CSL Electric Replica Vs. Ford Mustang V8 3rd

Anyone who has already gone into shock when reading the headline should be told that this is the BMW E9 not created on the basis of a CSL original vehicle. The electric conversion is a 3.0 CSL replica and was originally a 3.0 CSi. The team at is responsible for the transformation Electric Classic Carswho gave him the Power Type from a Tesla Model S P85. And then there is the Tesla battery. If you want more information about the converted classic, the best thing to do is read ours separate contribution through. And on the other side is a powerful Ford Mustang GT from the house Clive Sutton.

BMW 3.0 CSL Electric Replica vs. Ford Mustang V8

The pony car's naturally aspirated V8 was upgraded from 450 to 490 PS tuned and the torque remained at 530 Nm. The tuner achieves the additional performance by means of cold air intake (air intake), one Sports exhaust system and a new one engine software. And the Mustang is even heavier than the BMW classic. The E9 weighs around 1.500 - 1.550 kilograms, which is around 200 kg less than the Ami. However, the BMW has less power. Since the rear tires are relatively narrow, the power from the electric drive in the E9 was up 350 PS limited. And who is faster in the end? CarWow's Mat Watsons found out.


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