Video: 1949 Ford body on BMW 335i (E92) chassis!

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1949 Ford body BMW 335i E92 chassis 10 Video: 1949 Ford body on BMW 335i (E92) chassis!

After we got one just two days ago BMW M2 Competition with 6,2 liter Hemi V8 when presented the Sema project, the next crazy bunch is already coming. This is also a one-off, but this time not for the upcoming SEMA car show in Las Vegas. The project started with an old one Ford from 1949that stood in a garage somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona for two decades. There was also an accident 2008 BMW 3 Series 335i Coupe. And actually the two vehicles couldn't be more different. And that's exactly what attracted John from Sahuarita, Arizona to buy the cars and now to merge. Incidentally, the one-off was built by someone in the last 18 months six-person team and at the end there is an ancient Ford with me Patina look on a modern BMW chassis with in-line six-cylinder.

1949 Ford body + BMW 335i (E92) chassis

Even the factory one Air conditioning and the Cruise Control are taken over from the 3 Series Coupé and work. And as if the Frankenstein conversion wasn't crazy enough, a cut-out was made in the bonnet to make room for a mighty one turbocharger and Short stack exhaust system to accomplish. The classic with modern ingredients (actually it's more or less a Restomod or a Continuation Car) is by the way a stately 4,87 meters long and weighs only 1.496 kilograms. To do this, he likes custom-made ones 20 inch rims. We like what John has put together. It's best to take a look at the video, because we have only given the rough details.


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2008 BMW 335i E92 hides under a 1949 Ford body!
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