Sunday 17rd January 2021

BMW design boss says "OK" to changes to the four-wheeler!

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Widebody 2021 BMW M4 Coupe G82 Brad Builds 4 BMW Design boss says OK to changes to the foursome!

If, like so many others, you don't find the design of the grill on the new BMW 4 Series optically appealing (which is an understandable opinion given the gigantic kidneys) and would like to change the front of your BMW accordingly, at least that's what the BMW exterior design boss has Christopher Weil no problem with that. He recently interviewed CarsGuide let it be known - if customers want to change the look of their BMW, that's perfectly fine. Although BMW has some "expressive pieces" or "great bikes" on offer, it is not at all problematic for him personally if customers have their car modified far away from official BMW partners - he even said that he did cool would find. It's surprising and not necessarily üblichthat someone who occupies such a high position in the BMW Group talks about it so casually and even it cool finds that buyers customize their car with parts from other manufacturers.

the controversial giant kidneys by Christopher Weil

2020 M Performance Parts BMW M4 M3 G80 G82 Tuning 21 BMW Design boss says OK to changes to the foursome!

After all, he could also vilify all aftermarket parts across the board and buy from his own instead M push. You don't experience such openness and tolerance every day. Hats off for such a statement! Christopher Weil likes the principle of individualization and if someone appeals more to the alternatives of other companies because they correspond more to their personal style, then the person should always fall back on that what he likes better, so because. However, he noted in the interview that the pictures of the new foursome that can be seen on the Internet are not necessarily very realistic. When customers see the car in reality, they are quickly taken with the design and are not bothered by it. We see it that way too! In reality, the design looks particularly good Top model M3 / M4 spectacular. In the end, however, Christopher Weil advocates shifting the boundaries in car design.

Prior Design de-escalation set BMW M3 M4 G80 G82 Widebody Tuning 2 BMW Design boss says OK to changes to the foursome!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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