Video: 730 hp monster BMW M140i in the test!

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750 PS Monster BMW M140i F20 Tuning 19 Video: 730 PS Monster BMW M140i in the test!

Most of the M fan community mourns the BMW M140i (F20) that M135i (F40) was replaced, after. Less power, two cylinders are missing and the pure rear-wheel drive is gone. And we don't even want to talk about a manual transmission. What do you want as an M fan with it? The B48A20T1 four-cylinder is certainly not a bad engine, but a six-cylinder is still a six-cylinder. But let's leave that... Let's look at this one M140i from the F20 era in Sleeper look on. Under the hood it has roughly the same performance as the BMW Concept XM, but on "conventional way". Namely exclusively using a burner! And it really burns. The engine still has the original engine block, but the rest has little to do with the series. The monster is currently sending insane ones 730 PS, so almost twice the power of the production model, and a crazy torque of 950 Nm, to the rear wheels. To achieve that, the B58 straight-six got an upgraded one turbocharger, a special one downpipe, a methanol injection and an Air Intake System, Also a Chiptuning is in.

730 hp monster BMW M140i in the test!

But the owner is far from finished. He plans to further modify the 3,0-liter engine and increase the boost pressure from the turbocharger, for example erhöhen and Racing gasoline to refuel. So should about 850 PS to be possible. By the way, the M140i still has the original 8-speed Steptronic sports gearbox and the standard exhaust system. And visually you can't even see the crazy upgrade under the hood of the 1 Series. He does get up OZ rims with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Stire, has M style Mirror covers made of carbon fiber, black M-Performance kidneys and a carbon rear spoiler mounted on the roof, but the details certainly do not suggest such an extreme increase in performance. Like the well over 700 hp in combination with rear-wheel drive and only 1.450 kilograms curb weight move forward, as the following video shows you. Have fun with it!


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730 hp monster BMW M140i in the test!

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