Video: 580 PS BMW M2 50d with diesel power and NOS!

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MW M2 50d with Diesel Power and NOS 4 Video: 580 PS BMW M2 50d with Diesel Power and NOS!

Finally a car that is far removed from electric and hybrid vehicles. It's a BMW M2 (actually a 220d) with a "diesel engine“Under the hood and tons of other modifications. It is one of the most powerful diesel engines that BMW has ever built. Namely the N57D30S1 six-cylinder with standard 381 PS & 740 NM torque. An engine with impressive three turbochargers that actually pushed significantly larger vehicles like the M550d xDrive, X5 & X6 M50d, the 750d xDrive and even the newer X5 and X6 M50d. But the builder of the M2 was far from satisfied with the factory performance. The engine became clear modified. There was a new one cooling system, a Meth injection and even ONGOING (Nitrius Oxide System) is installed. NOS on a diesel engine? Crazy!

BMW M2 with diesel power and NOS

And all the fun still works! And the optics have also been upgraded. The vehicle has the fender and the aprons from the M2, a beefy one bonnet, which also has air openings, a Carbon tailgate including spoiler and inside there is even Seats from the M3. The rest was removed from the cabin and replaced by one Roll cage  replaced. The result is a monster with 580 hp and over 1.000 Nm of torque. But there is much more to the renovation. No matter if there are small details like that drive shafts from a BMW 330d, the new one Wheel set including chassis or an optimized one Torque converter are, everything is specially designed for this vehicle and many components are only built for this car. The best thing to do is to watch the video from


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MW M2 50d with diesel power and NOS!

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