Video: BMW M3 (G80) handset runs 315 km/h!

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BMW M3 G80 handset E1657012895100

This BMW M3 G80 Sedan as a manual switch is chic Individual Zanzibar II Metallic painted and owned by the YouTuber AutoTopNL. And he currently has them factory limitation removed the top speed to test what the M3 can do at most. While the normal M3 is limited to either 250 or 290 km/h with the M Drivers Package, this M3 is now allowed to drive what it can. And the results are violent 315 km/h. But it is no longer quite a series. Because under the sheet is already one Tuning Box and Custom Frequency Intelligent (Fi) exhaust system, Also a Arma Speed ​​carbon cold air intake is installed and also the Gasoline Particulate Filter (OPF) removed. By the way, the GPS-based smartphone app “only” shows a realistic speed of 315 km/h according to the speedometer.


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