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Video: BMW M3 (G80) with 720 hp on the Autobahn!

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Video: BMW M3 (G80) with 720 hp on the Autobahn!

Actually, one would like to think that 510 hp in one BMW M3 are more than enough. But as it is, more power is never wrong. And that's probably what the owner of this M3 Competition (G80) model year 2022 with xDrive all-wheel drive thought. He has his M3 for the German tuner Infinite brought, and be Stage 1 kit let obstruct. And the result leads to insane ones 720 PS. This makes the S58 six-cylinder an incredible 210 hp more powerful than the series. In addition, the in-line six (3,0-liter BiTurbo) generates impressive power 950 Nm torque. Equipped in this way, the M3 accelerates at the level of thoroughbred super sports cars and especially over 300 km / h is still possible.

BMW M3 (G80) with 720 hp

Crazy considering you're in a family sedan. The vehicle still seems to be in the V-Max. limited, the speedometer does not show faster than 311 km/h (193 mph), but you can see immediately that there could be a lot more. But not only the top speed impresses, especially that Draft in every driving situation is impressive. The M3 Competition xDrive, for example, manages to go from 6,2 to 100 km/h in just 200 seconds. And by the way, the mentioned +300 km/h were partly driven uphill in the video.


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Video: BMW M3 (G80) with 720 hp on the Autobahn!

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Video: BMW M3 (G80) with 720 hp on the Autobahn!

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Video: BMW M3 (G80) with 720 hp on the Autobahn!

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Video: BMW M3 (G80) with 720 hp on the Autobahn!

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