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Video: Tuning on BMW M3 Lightweight's (E36) from EAG!

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to BMW M3 Lightweight E36 EAG e1611123135772 Video: Tuning to BMW M3 Lightweight's (E36) from EAG!

You love the legendary BMW M3 Lightweight (E36)? Then the following video is definitely right for you. As we know, very few vehicles have been considered Lightweight made and that's why they are so extreme selten and at the same time expensive. But the Enthusiast Auto Group has not just one of these classics in the garage, but many more, and some of them have also been modified. The special vehicle from the video, for example, has a little more Performance, a bigger one Bremsanlage, Moton threaded shock absorber with external Expansion tank and inside there is a ALPINA sports steering wheel, one Fire Extinguisher and one Roll cage. But before we go into the details of the E36 M3 Lightweight, we would rather refer to the video, which says more than a thousand words!

cb no thumbnail Video: Tuning an BMW M3 Lightweight's (E36) from EAG!

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