BMW M4 small series is created with a new paint process!

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BMW M4 small series paint process Tuning 4 BMW M4 small series is created with a new paint process!

The BMW Group Plant Dingolfing is piloting a new overspray-free painting process that enables multicolored paintwork and the application of patterns without stencils and masking the vehicle. The highly innovative application technology not only increases the degree of customization for customers, but also makes a contribution to sustainability by reducing waste and energy consumption. The technology is being used for the first time in 19 BMW M4 Coupés, which will soon roll off the assembly line at the Dingolfing plant with an individual two-tone paintwork and M4 markings on the bonnet and tailgate.

BMW M4 small series

Milan Nedeljkovic, Board Member for Production at BMW AG: "We have the highest demands on our production in terms of efficiency, sustainability and digitization. This smart painting technology combines all the requirements for an innovative production process and also offers unique customer benefits."

BMW M4 small series paint process Tuning 6 BMW M4 small series is created with a new paint process!

The BMW Group developed the new application process with the EcoPaintJet Pro together with the machine and plant manufacturer Dürr for processing the water-based paints and the 2K clearcoat. In the conventional procedure, the paint is atomized with a rotating bell that rotates at 35 to 55.000 revolutions per minute and adheres electrostatically to the body. The new process works without electrostatics with a jet application. The paint is applied via a nozzle plate and can be applied sharply to the edge with a variable paint width between one and about 50 millimeters. This requires the highest precision in robot and application technology. This means that both two-tone paintwork, for example a contrasting roof, and the application of stripes and patterns, for example on the bonnet, are possible. The focus of technology and material development was on the maximum range of applications. In the future, the new paint process will succeed in painting every component in the vehicle exterior and offering the customer almost unlimited customization options.

New technology: no more masking?

Custom-made products of this kind have so far only been possible through manual masking. The new technology eliminates the need for material and personnel, so that implementation can be carried out at lower costs. The innovative process also prevents so-called overspray, i.e. excess paint particles that do not have to be disposed of. A further contribution to sustainable production is made by lower energy consumption: Since no paint separation is required, the required air volumes are reduced. With around 7.000 operating hours, this leads to energy savings of more than 6.000 megawatt hours and reduced CO2-Footprint of approximately 2.000 tons per year. The development of the innovative paint technology will be continued for further series applications.

The system is still in the testing phase!

With the painting of the small series M4 Coupé, the BMW Group is testing the possibilities of the new process. The unique items are initially used in the company's vehicle fleet. The piloted painting process is to be used in series production in the BMW Group's production network as early as 2022.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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