Is BMW planning a new M5 Touring (G99) after the E61?

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BMW M5 Touring E61 manual switch tuning 1

Will BMW after M3 Touring (G81) launch another station wagon with M-Power? Allegedly, that could be the case towards the end of 2024. After the generation M5 Touring E34 and the E61 would that be the third generation as a touring with M drive. The rumors come from the forum member ynguldyn from the forum. The user is already known for his very reliable information with regard to upcoming vehicle models from BMW. According to the forum BMW M5 Touring with the factory designation G99 celebrate its comeback in November 2024. That would be about four months after the premiere of the G90 M5 sedan and not unrealistic.

BMW M5 Touring (G99)

M5 Electra E34 BMW tuning

Mercedes with the E63 AMG and Audi with the RS6 Avant have been showing for years how to successfully bring a power station wagon to the man or woman. And since Mercedes is planning to drastically cut its model range with regard to the T-model, that would be a promising opportunity for a new M5 Touring to dig up a few customers. Incidentally, with regard to the engine, the S5-V68 from the M8 Limo and Touring is to come from the XM provide propulsion. So there are probably 4,4 displacement, biturbo charging and an electric motor available, with a power of at least 650 PS & 800 Nm torque. For the M5, the key data even point more in the direction 700 750 to PS and about 1.000 Nm torque. Source:

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