Video: 941 PS Jeep Trackhawk vs. Tuning BMW X3 M!

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Jeep Trackhawk Vs. Tuning BMW X3 M 1

It's hard to believe, but one of the most common places where the BMW X3M SUV is the drag strip for various races. And the X3 M, especially as a top model "Competition“, Has already beaten many of his opponents in various quarter mile races, but it is usually not enough for the Jeep Trackhawk. That fits more into the category of bigger brothers X5 M or the technically identical X6 M. But the following video shows both vehicles on the drag strip and the race is interesting. Why? Because both vehicles are modified. The trackhawk is next to that Dodge Durango Hellcat one of the most powerful series SUVs ever.

Jeep Trackhawk vs. Tuning BMW X3 M

Jeep Trackhawk Vs Tuning BMW X3 M

Equipped with a 6,2 liter Hemi V8 supercharged engine, the Trackhawk mobilizes 717 PS and 875 Nm torque. And the vehicle from the video is huge 941 PS and 1.130 Nm torque. And the BMW X3 M? The competition model is running E30 fuel and has one Downpipe without a catalyst installed. There was also a chip tuning. It doesn't say how much power it has now, but the numbers from the drag strip are impressive. And who is faster? Look at it!


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