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M-Sound from the loudspeaker for electrified BMW M models

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electrified BMW M models Sound 6 M Sound from the loudspeaker for electrified BMW M models

Photo credit: BMW

The future of driving pleasure is electric, locally emission-free and at the same time characterized by the sportiness typical of BMW, which is not only expressed in dynamic driving characteristics, but also in an emotionally charged sound experience. BMW IconicSounds Electric offers an unmistakable range of sounds in BMW models with purely electric or plug-in hybrid drives. The collaboration between composer and curator Hans Zimmer and the Creative Director Sound of the BMW Group, Renzo Vitale, has now created a characteristic drive sound that will soon be experienced in a specific form in BMW M automobiles with electric drive. "Every BMW has its own character, which is reflected in the sound," says film music creator and Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer. "We have therefore developed a drive sound for the electrically powered BMW M automobiles that underlines the emotional driving experience particularly clearly and ensures that the performance is felt even more intensely."

for electrified BMW M models

With the help of Hans Zimmer, an inspiring ready-to-drive sound for electrically powered BMW models had already been developed, which arouses anticipation of electric driving as soon as the start / stop button is pressed. The current cooperation includes drive sounds for the BMW iX, the BMW i4 and a differentiated sound for the BMW i4 in M ​​version.

While the silence of electric driving offers unprecedented comfort, there is also a gap in the emotionality of the driving experience. The BMW IconicSounds Electric create an exciting offer for customers who want to experience the joy of driving with all their senses. In the future, electric driving pleasure will be enhanced by acoustic feedback on every movement of the accelerator pedal. Analogous to the driving modes that the driver can select at the touch of a button, the drive sound is also based on the respective driving situation and the individual preferences of the driver.

Drive sound depending on the driving situation

In the basic setting, BMW IconicSounds Electric conveys the basic character of an electrically powered model from the BMW brand through a strikingly transparent tone color with spherical components. While the COMFORT mode of the BMW i4 initially creates an immersive and pleasant atmosphere, when you step on the accelerator, the direct link between sound and vehicle becomes apparent: the sound experience unfolds with increasing load and speed. Especially in SPORT mode, the sound spectrum of which is more dominant and powerful, the sound always provides information about the driving condition.

The processes in the drive are recorded within milliseconds and acceleration, load changes or recuperation are adequately staged. The acoustic feedback is completely absent when driving in ECO PRO mode. In this way, the silent drive underscores the driver's decision in favor of a particularly efficient driving style. In the version specially developed for electrified BMW M automobiles, the drive sound of the BMW i4 is particularly energetic.

Differentiation: COMFORT and SPORT mode

In addition, the differentiation between COMFORT and SPORT mode is particularly noticeable. In general, the drive sound develops a less harmonious, but challenging, animating and technical sound. In the course of acceleration maneuvers, there is an intensive intensification of the sound development, which authentically reflects the performance character of the vehicle. “The moment a BMW M automobile accelerates creates goosebumps,” says sound designer Renzo Vitale.

“We have translated this feeling into a driving sound that expresses a mixture of outstanding power and flowing energy.” Together, Hans Zimmer and Renzo Vitale already had the drive sound for the BMW Vision M NEXT presented in 2019 and for the one the following year presented BMW Concept i4.

soon audible in the BMW i4 & BMW iX

Numerous findings from this creative process have now flowed into the design of the sound for future series vehicles. The new drive sounds developed in collaboration with Hans Zimmer can be experienced in the BMW i4 and the BMW iX in the course of 2022. IconicSounds Electric is standard equipment in the BMW iX and is optionally available for the BMW i4. In vehicles that were produced at an earlier point in time, the new sounds can be subsequently transferred at the customer's request using a remote software upgrade. The new sound range includes a ready-to-drive sound, a stop sound and a drive sound, each of which is made available in a specific form for BMW models and BMW M automobiles with electrified drive.

electrified BMW M models Sound 5 M Sound from the loudspeaker for electrified BMW M models

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M-Sound from the loudspeaker for electrified BMW M models

electrified BMW M models Sound 6 M Sound from the loudspeaker for electrified BMW M models

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