Tuesday 26th October 2021

Electronic service booklet for BMW models from 2010!

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BMW M3 G80 Hamann Anniversary M4 G82 Tuning 5 Electronic service booklet for BMW models from 2010!

For BMW vehicle models from 2010 onwards, BMW does not provide a paper service booklet. Instead, there is a service book for owners of a BMW only electronically. This poses a problem at the moment when it comes to buying or selling a used BMW. It is difficult to now prove the inspections that were carried out, which previously had to be documented by means of a stamp in the service book. However, BMW does not leave its vehicle owners completely out in the rain. This makes it possible to view the information that was previously only available on paper within the iDrive system, Navi Business and Navi Professional to display.

It is possible to reorder the service book!

To navigate in the iDrive system, it is called based on the Vehicle info leads over Vehicle status, Service needs to Service history to work using a rotary knob or touchscreen. The service history item is only displayed if inspections have already taken place. The dealer code and the mileage of the vehicle are then displayed here. If inspections were carried out without being noted, a BMW dealer is required to enter the inspections that have already been carried out. The workshop or the dealer can access the service history via the BMW database and a key. If you want to have the service booklet in your hands in its original form, you can also get the service booklet from BMW reorder. The inspections can then also be entered there.

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